Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Little Catching Up - Dinner-Wise

It's already Tuesday and the week is...as usual...whizzing by. I thought I'd share a couple of great meals we've had with more of the market's bounty....

Sunday, always a lazy day around here and especially so when my Honey is in the midst of a flu and (he's so kind to share) I feel like I'm getting it too. Couple that with typical winter weather and we never left the house! But I did make that wonderful meal I talked about on Saturday....

on a bed of

This time for the roasted salmon, I used some of the fantastic apple sage jelly from Tangled Garden mixed with just a hit of maple syrup, but I decided you can choose from any of my roasted salmon recipes (can you tell I love salmon?) or make up your own. Just roast at 400ºF/200°C for about 15 minutes for single filets.

Yesterday I felt like... ... resting, and the best I could do food wise was to eat for breakfast was some left over Mush, last of the toast with goat cheese & jelly and lunch, was almost silly, but I didn't have a "mom" to kiss my forehead or prepare some "made from scratch" soup. I settled for heating up V8 juice - no laughing please! Then I added some spinach that wilted in a minute, squirted some Worcestershire sauce and ...voila. Not bad really.

Dinner was much better though after a little rest....

Lentil, Spinach & Lamb Loaf

Gingery Carrots

I'm not sure what tonight will bring...any ideas?


Elly said...

psst, you have been nominated for a nice matters award :)

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks Elly, that's so sweet!