Monday, September 17, 2007

Easy Marinating to Wow a Crowd

I realize that this is not the prettiest photo I've ever taken. In's quite lame, but I have to go out and buy some new dishes and containers, so I hope you'll bear with me. Trust me though, when I say the feta cheese you see marinating is very tasty indeed.

This weekend is Yom Kippur - the Jewish Day of Atonement and we fast from sundown to sundown. This year we're going to break the fast here. I've done it before and many of the dishes will be the same. Traditionally we serve lots of dairy...delicious rolls and breads (I think I'm going to make something new. I found a recipe for Asiago Muffins that sound very tasty) and lots of salads.

Of course I'll be making Joan Nathan's Praline Lick Your Fingers Kugel. Yom Kippur Break Fast would not be the same without it. I think this might be my only pasta this week...but, then again, who am I kidding. This is week 30 for Presto Pasta Nights, so....

But I digress. The reason for this post is really to share my secret ways to prepare for a large buffet without killing yourself.

First - In a giant nutshell - MARINATE!!!

These cubes of feta are marinated in olive oil with fennel & coriander seeds, fresh rosemary and some other goodies. Add them to some sliced tomatoes or a green salad and..sensational. I just had to share with Weekend Herb Blogging. This week Myriam of Once Upon a Tart is hosting. I love her!

Second way to keep yourself sane...make some salads that can be prepared a day my Chickpea Salad (lots of cilantro for Kalyn) which takes 5 minutes to prepare and can sit in the fridge for at least a few days just absorbing all those good flavors.

Third...and last tip for today...serve lots of great cheeses to go with all those breads!

Kick back, relax and enjoy your company.

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Kalyn said...

Sounds like some very tasty dishes coming up! I've been reading about marinated feta and meaning to try it!

Peter M said...

Bravo, marinated feta is underused yet very tasty!