Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A New Cookbook to Enjoy - Morimoto

About a month ago I received a gorgeous new cookbook...Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking. And it really is "ART" at its best. Of course this past month has been crazy...with us moving in, Sharron moving out, Jewish holidays...I only just sat down to look through this awesome book last night.

Some of you may be familiar with Morimoto from The Iron Chef. Some of you may have been lucky enough to eat in one of his restaurants. Some of you know of him because you love sushi and he is the master!

But even if you've never heard of him, or eaten sushi for that matter. You have to check out this beautiful volume. It is inspiring just to look at. His unique style and attention to detail are frankly daunting to someone like me who typically cooks dishes that are quick and easy to do. But it is also intriguing and each of his recipes has the history, which is fascinating and easy to follow instructions with exquisite photographs.

So in the next few weeks I think I'll be trying out a few dishes myself. I admit...I will be doing some of his simpler dishes like his Bouillabaisse or his Lobster Masala or perhaps...

the Tuna Pizza that looks scrumptious and is sure to dazzle everyone at the table.

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Jim said...

I must get this book. Must. Hillary already got a copy when she met Morimoto (the lucky devil!), and from a glance or two at the glossy pages and lovely food I know I need it in my kitchen.

Not saying I can properly make any of it, yet, but hey, I can dream!

Ruth Daniels said...

Jim, I know what you mean...I definitely will never get his knife skills down, but the book is worth every penny.

Coffee & Vanilla said...

I was just thinking on my way home of Japanese cooking, that I have never really tried anything... and the fist thing I see when I open your computer is your post on this book!!
Now I really have to do something about my lack of knowledge of Japanese cuisine! :)
Enjoy your evening, Margot

Hillary said...

Morimoto's book is AMAZING (as Jim already attested to from borrowing my copy) - he's also incredibly nice in person, so I encourage everyone to buy his book!

Valli said...

With such excellent recommendations I will hav to try Morimoto!!