Wednesday, August 29, 2007

WCC Show & Tell and More Blueberries

I finally will be able to make it to this month's Weekend Cookbook Challenge created and hosted this time around by the wonderful Sara of I Like to Cook. I love the theme...Show & Tell. But what to show...and what to tell.... ?

First, a little peek into my thoughts behind this post (scary, huh?) article on Foodtv's blog - Food for Thought is up and and I want to mention it here....(it's all about our hunt for blueberries a couple of weeks ago - check it out). The obvious choice for this post would be something with blueberries - Duh! I've already used up most of the five pounds of blueberries we bought in Masstown - blueberry muffins, blueberry crisp, blueberry salsa and just plain blueberries in yoghurt with a swish of honey. But I also want to do something special for Sara, since I keep missing the opportunity to participate in her fun event.

Plus, I still am on a blueberry kick and because it's so hot I even made some Iced Mint Tea today with Blueberries & Lemons. How do real food photographers actually get the lemons and the blueberries to stay together for a picture? I even tried stirring with a big wooden spoon while I was snapping away....

Pathetic, no?! Alright, I've tortured you enough...

The cookbook I chose this time is the Inn on the Twenty Cookbook. The Inn is a romantic getaway set beside a little river in the heart of Niagara Wine Country. If you ever get the chance - Go! You will not be disappointed. We stayed there a couple of years ago and had some fantastic meals. Naturally I had to buy the book and by serendipity or fluke, the book opened to a recipe for Blueberry Minted Custard Tart. What else could I do but make it!

Not being the best baker, it was more complicated than I thought, although each step was quite simple. Simple for everyone but me... remember that I'm still not completely organized in my kitchen (my move??!!) so I had to run out and buy some beans to blind bake the pie shell and ...oh yeah - a rolling pin! Good thing the store was close enough for me to run out while the dough was chilling. Lots of pots and pans...okay one pot for the custard and no pan to wash because the pie is still sitting in it. It looks beautiful and tonight I think we'll have raise a glass of wine to the fond memory of Niagara Wine Country and the Inn on the Twenty. Cheers!

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Kevin said...

The Blueberry Minted Custard Tart looks really good. I like the use of mint. I have been enjoying the local blueberries though I have not done much cooking with them. I have mostly been enjoying them fresh with yogurt or peaches or melon, etc.

katiez said...

I love blueberries - your tart look fabulous!
And the blueberry-lemon tea? Don't care about the photo (but I rather like the 'stirring'one) it sounds so refreshing!

TBC said...

Hi Ruth,
It's my first time here. I just found out that you are hosting a weekly pasta-event. I just posted something on my blog two days back. Do you think I could join in on the fun here?
BTW, your tart looks gorgeous.

Windy said...

They look very refreshing indeed!

Sara said...

What a beautiful tart! Thank you for being part of WCC this month Ruth. Save me a glass of that lemonade!

Valli said...

I rememeber years ago when we went to the Group of Seven exhibit north of Toronto we went to a buffet lunch at a historical restaurant. They had a bowl of blueberries that were probably meant for sprinkling on your salad. My daughter/we cleaned them out!!! This tart with the custard would put me in Blueberry Heaven. I always have a huge container of frozen in my freezer.

Ruth Daniels said...

Everyone, I apologize for it taking me sooooo long to respond to your great comments. But...better late than never I suppose.

Kevin, blueberries alone are awesome, but so are pies and tarts. I usually buy more than I need because I eat them too quickly for a recipe otherwise.

Katiez, the drink was delicious, just hard to photograph. It didn't last long enough for people to complain.

TBC of course you can join Presto Pasta Nights, just email me the link and mention OnceUponAFeast.

Windy & Sara, oops all gone, but if you let me know when you're coming I'll whip up a batch.

Valli, the restaurant you're referring to is the Doctor's House. Lovely and delicious. I miss it!