Friday, June 29, 2007

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #18

This week's Presto Pasta Night Roundup entries started arriving last Sunday. I'm so glad this event has gained such popularity.

Holler from Tinned Tomatoes and a terrific PPN regular is first in with this gorgeous looking Vegetable Packed Pasta. And it will be equally good the second time around as a baked pasta.

New PPNer (and first time recipe poster PERIOD) Ipshita of Read Me To Know Me shares this creation of Penne with Spinach and Capiscum. And it sounds wonderful to me.

Gilli of So So Simple Food joins the fun for the first time with this Orecchetti with bacon (don't tell her Honey) and green (you heard me) cauliflower. Thanks so much for bringing it to the table.

Becke, the Columbus Foodie is back too! She and her husband serve up this hearty Pastitsio. Bravo!

The Trinigourmet joins us for the first time with this Bagna Romano that looks mighty tasty. Welcome to the PPN fun.

Robin, The Clumsy Cook (although I think not) is back with this Cremini with Mascarpone Spaghetti. She was so hungry she couldn't wait to take the picture....been there many times myself. It does look "Lick the plate clean" delicious. Very pretty bowl, by the way.

Kevin of Closet Cooking is back with another exotic dish...Kitsune Udon and a new (for me, anyway) ingredient aburaage - a deep fried thin slice of tofu. I bet I can trick a few non-tofu eaters here with it!

A few weeks ago PPN had several lasagna recipes and Katie over at Thyme for Cooking had to get into the act too. Here's her Carmelized Onion and Ham Lasagna. It looks delicious, don't you think?!

Lorraine, the Italian Foodie is back with a glorious post - you can smell the sauce simmering from the photos - and this tasty looking dish of Spaghetti alla Melenzane e Zucchini.

The Bread Chick returns, too. It's so hot where she lives that even the microwave heats up the kitchen too much. So she created this Back Packers Pasta Salad. I probably will never back pack, but my kids will, so now they'll have a great dinner on the trail!

Myriam, of Once Upon a Tart, is back. She's one of my favorite PPNers and here's why...Doesn't this stunning Ricotta Vermicelli Tart look spectacular!! It's only the second time in 18 Roundups for dessert pasta.

Sher, of What Did You Eat is another fabulous PPN regular. This time she shares "summer" in a bowl of Angel Hair Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes. It makes me smile just to look at it.

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything is back too, I'm thrilled to say. She takes things in a 180 direction with this body and soul warming Chicken Vermicelli Soup. Given that the weather here is like a yo-yo, going from cold to hot and back to cool, this dish will really hit the spot.

Lorraine the Italian Foodie has yet another tasty dish to share this week, and just when you think things couldn't be better, she sends this first for us at PPN - Spaghetti in a Bag - and it looks divine! Sorry to hear your Italian vacation is on hold though.

First tim PPNer Tara of Should You Eat That? grows her own mushrooms (I can't tell you how impressed I am by that) and shares this gorgeous Linguine with Bacon, Mushrooms & Feta. I'll have to BUY my mushrooms before making it!

Cara of Cara's Cravings joins us for the first time too. She doesn't eat pasta as often as she likes, but when she certainly looks delicious! This is her Smokey Goat Cheese & Turkey Penne.

Here's my very early/very late but however you look at it...delicious Couscous Tabbouleh.

I even had time for a second pasta this week. Life is looking good! Here's my Open Ravioli with Spinach and Shrimp...such a hit that everyone was disappointed that there wasn't enough for seconds!

I will continue to add submissions until Saturday . After that, I will add them to next week's PPN Event. So don't forget to join in with the rest of us Presto Pasta Nighters. It's easy and fun. Remember that ALL noodles dishes count as pasta and "presto" (ready) or "lento" (slow) are perfect. Find out how right here. In the meantime...Happy Pasta Eating!!!


katiez said...

They all looks so wonderful!
I don't know where to begin... Guess I'll just start at the top and eat my way through them all... poor hips!

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

A great round up as always Ruth!! Some delicious looking recipes!!

Valli said...

Can't wait to get out my camera to make my entries in your "Presto Pasta Night Roundup" I don't imagine I will be entering today though Ruth, it is 35C...Whew!!! Too hot for the oven...but hey...what about the BBQ???