Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pasta Perfect

Obviously my family loves pasta. Why else would I have come up with the Presto Pasta Night event idea? I love the fast "throw together" variety when life is too busy to do anything else. I love the slow baked versions when it's cold outside, or gloomy or I just need an extra dose of comfort. In my world there is no BAD pasta dish. That said, the other night we ate a dish of Open Ravioli inspired by Olive Magazine, April 2007. Life has been so crazy that all I had time for since I bought the magazine (which has tons of ear-marked pages I haven't gotten to yet - like preserving lemons, a linguine with lemon, garlic & Parmesan, swirled chocolate and ginger pots....) is this dish - two months later!

Naturally I had to embellish what already looked amazing....I used fresh whole wheat pasta sheets from Olivieri (nod to South Beach Diet) and feta instead of ricotta. I added fresh herbs and shrimps and my Honey and daughter were disappointed that there wasn't enough for seconds. Note to self....double the recipe next time!

Oh...and the actually time at the stove is less than 5 minutes, so even if it's hot where you are, there's no excuse NOT to make this.

So what are you making for Presto Pasta Night? You still have time to join the fun. I won't be posting the round up until tomorrow.

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