Friday, April 27, 2007

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #9

This has been one very crazy week. The movers came last Thursday, garage sale was last Saturday and Sunday which left me just a few days of rushing around doing lots (way too many) of last minute things. So I apologize for this round up being later than usual.

And so much for my plans to go out for great pasta. All we could manage was sitting on the floor using these borrowed chairs as tables and eating take-out. Don't cry for us though, this Spaghetti with meat sauce with roasted garlic and mushrooms hit the spot.

But let's get real ...

Fortunately Myriam of Once Upon a Tart is back with a wonderful Spaghetti with Meatballs, but not just ordinary meatballs. These have fennel seeds and cinnamon. I can't wait to try that out! If only she delivered to Halifax!

Amy at Nook and Pantry is back too. She has another of my favorite dishes...Spaghetti with Shrimp Scampi in a plate-licking garlicy white wine sauce - YUM!

Newcomer Christina of Mele Cotte joins us with this lunch time pasta, which frankly looks good enough to eat any time of the day. Welcome and come back soon!

Glenna of a Fridge Full of Food is back with a wonderful soothing (I need all I can get this week) Udon Noodle Soup. I'm getting calmer just looking at it.

Tigerfish over at teczcape is back with a glorious summer Lemon Linguine. It's freezing today in Halifax, but this dish is one that brings summer to the table no matter what the weather.

Vani of Batasari joins us for the first time with a wonderful invention - Spaghetti with Spinach Pesto and Asparagus which sounds awesome and looks that way too. Vani, I do hope you plan on joining us often.

Sher over at What Did You Eat? is back, I'm happy to say, with this awesome Cellophane Noodle Salad. Just look at the mint and cilantro garnish. I'm drooling!!!

Haalo of Cook Almost Anything At Least Once is back. A great regular to PPN with gorgeous photos and delicious dishes. This time is no different. Her Bavette Carbonara is easy and still looks decadent. Perfect for my first weekend in Halifax

Rebecca at Saucy in the Kitchen, was actually the first in for this week's PPN. She's a newcomer and has some awesome dishes. This one is no exception. Her Roasted Asparagus Alfredo is wonderful. I'm jealous of her husband's family farm in Argentina where the asparagus grows wild. It's my favorite vegetable and I would love to be able to just go out and pick some.

Rebeca over at Dinner in the Yellow House joins us again with this wonderful looking fusili with eggplant. I adore eggplant, but some of my family say they "hate" it - a very strong word. I make it in pasta and other flavorful sauces that they love and obviously have no idea that they're eating it. Trickery is so much fun.

Well, I hope I got all the entries people sent. If not, please forgive me, it's been a crazy week, and send me an email to add it to the roundup.

I will be adding late additions to this week's Presto Pasta Night until Saturday. Any I receive after that will be part of next week's PPN Event. So don't forget to join the fun. Remember that ALL noodles dishes count as pasta for this fun event. Find out how to participate here.

In the meantime....Happy Pasta Eating!!!

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myriam said...

ruth, you are one crazy woman. moving and still doing a roundup?? that's mad!! - thanks! looks all wonderful and lovely and i am ready to cook ANOTHER pasta dish. i promise, one day i will come and visit you in halifax and cook a big pot of these meatballs. promise!

Sara said...

Wow Ruth you do have a lot of energy! Great round up, I'm going to try very very hard to take part next week. Hope you are settling in ok!

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Hoping all is going well with your move. I'm in awe of your energy and capacity to handle so many challenging things at once.

I'm looking forward to your future posts about the great places to eat that you discover in your new hometown.

Ruth Daniels said...

Myriam, can't wait for your visit!

I must admit...I'm beyond tired, now that I've arrived in Halifax. I think I'll just spend a few days doing practically nothing at all.

Thanks for all the kind words and for being a big part of PPN!

Valentina said...

Oh, such wonderful recipes. Great event Ruth.

Ruth Daniels said...

Valentina, thanks for dropping by. I hope you plan on joining PPN soon.