Thursday, April 12, 2007

Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti Tetrazzini - Sort of South Beach Diet

As promised, here's the dish that made me buy the fabulous Jamie Oliver Jamie's Italycookbook. Who exactly was holding the gun to my head? That would be me, myself & I. Okay, his picture of this Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti Tetrazzini looks way better. Truth be told, the one I took last night would have been better too. But I couldn't find my tripod (hidden amongst the boxes, but found this morning) and so that picture was way too shaky. This one will have to do.

Pasta is one of those dishes everyone loves. No matter what your heritage, I bet you eat some form of noodle dish. And being on the South Beach Diet- which is a great diet and very versatile- still limits the type of pasta. It's okay to eat your favorite semolina noodle occasionally, but it would be better for you to try some multigrain pasta instead.

So I decided to "South Beachize" Jamie's recipe by using 2% evaporated milk instead of heavy cream. It's not quite as thick, so a spoonful of wholewheat flour helped thicken it. And instead of semolina spaghetti, I used multigrain. All in all, still a very tasty dish and my entry for Presto Pasta Night. Please join in the fun. And don't forget to drop by tomorrow for the roundup.


Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti Tetrazzini (Sort of South Beach)

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s'kat said...

I just love that cookbook! Good luck with a smooth move!