Monday, February 12, 2007

A Very Herby Dinner

One of the reasons I love the South Beach Diet so much is because it's so easy to follow - more of a healthy lifestyle than a dreaded diet. I've read lots of diet books and most of them make my head spin. They're either too regimented or too restrictive or too other words, they're just too hard (or frustrating) for me to do. Naturally SBD Phase 1 is somewhat limited, but it doesn't last very long plus, everything is explained so logically in the book that it isn't a challenge and, more important for me anyway, the book isn't too technical to read...simple explanations as to why carbs are important and the difference in types of carbs. Most important - because this is one diet that truly can last a lifetime - it just provides some simple, logical ways to live a healthy lifestyle with wonderful, easy to prepare foods to enjoy.

Truth be told, it took me more than a month to lose 15 pounds and another month to lose an additional 5....(so don't expect any quick fix) but that was last March and for those of you considering the diet or just beginning and wondering what you'll eat, you can follow my journey starting here. And bottom line...almost a year later - I haven't gained any weight back! I was holding my breath when I got back from Halifax and stood on the scale, because for the last month, I haven't really been paying attention and definitely munched on way more sweets than I usually would. I really think that the reason I didn't gain any weight was because, now I automatically eat multigrain breads and pastas (more fiber), use a lot less fat in cooking, and choose low fat cheeses to nibble on as snackfood rather than chocolate bars.

Now I'm home and with the exception of the box of Whippets (chocolate marshmallow cookies I couldn't resist at the supermarket. They were my favorite cookie as a kid), it's back to simple dinners and more healthful desserts

So here's one menu for South Beachers - (the salad is for all phases and the Chicken and desserts are for Phase 2 & 3). It's also very herby - basil, oregano, parsley in the salad and more parsley in the breading, so it's my entry for this week's WHB, hosted by The Chocolate Lady at Il Mol Araan,


(since they are sauteed in a small amount of olive oil over high heat for just a minute or two to golden the crust and then baked over a rack to allow for fat to drain - I consider them South Beach Friendly)

So for those of you who have chosen to go the South Beach Diet route - enjoy!

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s'kat said...

There would be no way, EVER, that I could convince my husband to go for food like this more than a couple of times a year!

It appeals to me greatly, though. I love all of the fresh, light, bright flavours.

Ruth Daniels said...

I have a sometimes finicky husband too, so I'm just curious ...what specifically would turn him off of this dinner...the olives, the frying, or the lack of potatoes as a side?

Thanks for dropping by

Sara said...

Ruth what a great sounding meal. I am going to try the chicken and the oat bars very soon.

the chocolate lady מרת שאקאלאד said...

Nicely done!

Kalyn Denny said...

I think it all sounds great, especially the salad.

Helene said...

It sounds great and I´m sure it´s yummy. My daughter and I will love it. :))

Katie said...

The chicken sounds wonderful! I love putting olives in all sorts of stuff but never thought of in the 'coating'.