Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weekend Cookbook Challenge - Party Foods

Sara of I Like To Cook has come up with another wonderful theme for this month's Weekend Cookbook Challenge. It's obviously appropriate given the time of year - Party Foods!!

Since doing the Tapas Cooking Class Party, I've been thinking about doing a recap of all my quick and easy party foods (mostly finger-food appetizers because they're always my favorite thing to eat at get togethers - casual or formal). So I'm particularly excited about this WCC.

In keeping with the tradition of using a cookbook, preferrably one that hasn't seen the light of day for a while, I'll focus on a few sources: Fast Appetizers, a great little book to help you be a star at your own parties. You won't even break a sweat! Every recipe is quick, easy and impressive. South Beach Diet Parties & Holidays Cookbook is not only great for those of you on a diet, your non-dieting guests will never know the difference and you can eat and not feel guilty. Naturally I had to include some samples from my own book Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories - recipes that warm the heart hopefully available within the next few weeks - shameless self promotion - sorry!

I was going to actually link to each recipe, but since there are too many to go that route, you can check out a ton of options here and here . I did decide to showcase some of my favorites.

This one is from Fast Appetizers and can easily be prepared the day before and kept covered with a tea towel in the frigde. Make tons because they don't sit on the table very long.

So delicious and so easy to do. They're great stuffed in mini-pita pockets.

Because I can never have too many shrimps and this one from South Beach Parties and Holidays Cookbook makes it easy and guilt free.

These are too easy to even mention - which is exactly why they're worth mentioning here....olives and mini bococcini balls sprinkled with some herbs & chili pepper flakes.

These are from my own cookbook. They're great alone or with a million dips like hummus or spinach & artichoke.

These require only a minimal of actual cooking. Just enough time to blanch the asparagus before wrapping the spears in your favorite deli meat - smoked turkey, rosemary ham, proscuito, blackened chicken.....you get the idea. I don't remember if I got the idea at a party or from some TV show, but it's one I do often.

These actually come from another excellent recipe source and inspiration for me - my fellow food bloggers. Vicious Ange (not so vicious from what I can tell) inspired these.

And how could there be a party without some fun beverages.....

Shabnam gave me the recipe when I interviewed her about her wonderful tea shop - the Tea Emporium.

I've been using this recipe forever. It's from my Time Life Foods of the World Series, unfortunately no longer in print....pity!

And last, at least for this post...dessert!

Believe it or not, this is from the SB Parties & Holidays Cookbook too. Just remember to keep them refrigerated. These are not like M&M's - they DO melt in your hand, but don't worry they don't stay there too long.

So what's your favorite party food?

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veuveclicquot said...

Yum. these all look delicious, especially the choco and almond clusters. I guess my favorite party food would have to be chicken sates and chocolate-dipped strawberries. God knows why, but whenever we're at a party that has either or both, I end up stuffing myself. :)

Traci said...

I'm simple... really, really good cheese dip. Oh man.

Sara said...

If I got on a plane tonight, could we have some of these for a late night snack???

Ruth said...


You're all welcome to drop by. That's why there's always shrimp in the freezer and fixin's for most everything else.

Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by.

michelle said...

Oh, wow, what a spread! Yep, I agree -- what time should we all stop by?


The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas but all I want to do is snack, snack, snack.

And now I know where to go for snacks! :)