Monday, November 27, 2006

Steak & Salad - South Beach Diet Regroup

Steak & Salad - Perfect South Beach Fare

We just got back from a wonderful visit to Montreal and naturally, we overdid the eating....way too many carbs (and not the good kind) - party sandwiches, Montreal bagels with lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese, delicious little rogelach and danishes filled with jam, egg rolls from Yangtze restaurant (because a trip to Montreal without them would be sacrilege) two different "bad" Chinese dinners ( bad only in the sense that we ordered all the dishes we usually stay away from - deep fried chicken balls served in the sweetest red sauce, fried rice (not brown that's a given), honey garlic get the picture. And as if that wasn't enough, don't forget all the chocolate and chips we munched while watching videos.

We went out for Greek food, which is healthful, but only when you eat in moderation - not what we do when in Montreal! This chicken, which was marinated (I think - lemon juice and the usual dried herbs with a hit of Montreal Steak Spice - I could be wrong) and very tasty. The chicken dinner comes as pictured, a whole chicken cut up into manageable pieces and we couldn't decide if it was grilled or rotisseried or roasted. Of course you can see in the upper right corner that we demolished the appetizer plate - lots of tzadziki (actually this was AFTER the larger portion of it that we had with fresh pita (not whole wheat) while we were deciding on the menu), taramasalta (my favorite), spanakopita (flaky philo triangles stuffed with spinach).

What can I is DEFINITELY time for a South Beach DietRegroup.

So our first dinner back home was a very simple, but very tasty grilled (it may be around the freezing mark here in Toronto, but we're still BBQing) strip loin steak with a salad. When I did the Vietnamese Summer Rolls, (also SBD friendly) the recipe called for just a hint of rice wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and that's all I added to some Romaine hearts and tons of herbs.

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