Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Weekend Cookbook Challenge #8 Round up - Foreign Food

Well it's Weekend Cookbook Challenge #8 - Foreign Foods Round-Up time with 17 entries and even more wonderful dishes from around the world (in no particular order) - Asia (especially China, India, Japan and Thailand), the Caribbean, France, England, Wales, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, and Egypt. Sara of I Like to Cook and I want to thank everyone for participating. It was fabulous to see what everyone came up with and I have a lot of amazing feasts to dazzle my friends and family with over the next couple of months. So without further ado....here's our trip around the world.

Pepper at Frugal Cuisine in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada went from rodeo country to spicy China with this awesome Sichuan corn and pepper dish called qingjiaoyumi. Not only is it beautiful - it's easy to make.

Patti from Pennsylvania, has no blog of her own, but shared this recipe for Sweet & Sour Chicken - another delight from China.

Mickey from Kitchen Inferno in St Louis, Missouri shared some awesome looking sushi. Glad to see Japan so well represented.

Petra at foodfreak in Germany also travelled all the way to Japan for her feast. It looks like the biggest challenge she had was which wonderful cookbook to choose from.

Maikopunk over at It's a Good Think I'm Book Smart in beautiful British Columbia submitted this gulyas - Hungarian goulash from not only another place, it's from another time - the 1950's. And it still looks delicious.

Ulrike of Kuchenlatein in Germany brings us a glorious looking marmelade pudding from Wales - don't forget to scroll down the post to see the wonderful photos.

Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yums over in Geneva, Switzerland crossed all the way over the "Big Pond" to the Caribbean for this salt cod dish. It's the first time I've been tempted to try salt cod. Thanks, Rosa.

Shaun at Winter Skies, Kitchen Aglow is originally from New Zealand and now living in California (and new to blogging, so welcome to a great new world!) created an Egyptian feast - my favorite dish... these stunning sweets.

Chrispy, over at experimentation of taste, who lives in the state of Washington created this Asian meal with dishes from all over Asia. No surprise that everyone enjoyed the meal!

Haalo of cook almost anything, hails from Melbourne Australia and served up these glorious sweets from Portugal (my daughter Sharron's favorites, I might add)

Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness - I love that notion!!! from Tennessee made this dessert from India called Kulfi. Her camera's acting up, so the image is a little other worldly, which works since the dish sounds quite heavenly.

Breadchick from Massachussetts over at The Sour Dough brought me back to Paris (at least in my mind) with her very French creme brulee.

Shaheen, of Malabar Spices who lives in the United States, but comes from India had a hard time deciding on a "foreign" dish. She finally decided on an English fish pie that looks awesome.

Meeta, who lives in Germany and blogs from What's For Lunch Honey? took a romantic trip to Mallorca Spain and shares this paella with us.

Michelle from Portland Oregon and Je Mange La Ville, sent this delightful Indian meal using one of my personal favorite cookbooks too.

Marie-Laure from France via odelices sent this yummy looking Cajun meatloaf - a little late, but definitely worth waiting for.

Sara, of I Like to Cook in Calgary Alberta, and founder of Weekend Cookbook Challenge, way back when (Thanks so much, Sara for inviting me to co- host) decided on Thai food that she and her mom "discovered" on a trip to Hawaii. I particularly love the sound of the Evil Jungle Prince Chicken dish.

And, finally, my own choice was to go to India for my foreign fare. None of the photos did justice to the dishes (everyone was in too much of a hurry to wait for stylized food shots) but the meal was a huge success. That's a photo of the butter chicken - my all time favorite Indian dish.

Of course, I am nothing if not doing things to excess, so I also chose to go to Southern Spain for some tasty garlic shrimp tapas.

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Haalo said...

Great roundup of wonderful food from around the world!

Sara said...

Ruth what a super round up. Thank you again for co-hosting. I hope you'll consider doing it again!

Ruth said...

Haalo, thanks so much. It was great fun seeing what everyone thought of as "foriegn" I just wish more people would have joined in the fun.

Sara, any time!!!

Meeta said...

Ruth! This was a great roundup and I have bookmarked the page because there are so many fantastic looking recipes that i have to come back too.
Thank you for the effort.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for hosting this event and for the great round-up! I loved all those dishes and really had fun participating...

breadchick said...

Wow! I was planning on cooking an Indian meal for MBH and after this round-up I don't have to go look for recipes, I'll just use all the fabulous looking Indian dishes from this round-up. Great job everyone!

Shaun said...

Hi Ruth,
This is a great round-up. I love that the dishes are so diverse, and it just makes me wonder what other cookery books people have on their shelves! Thanks for offering a theme that makes us explore the world's offerings, and thanks for the warm welcome to the food blogging community.

shaheen said...

wonderful round, glad to be part of it. i stil have to go thru each entry in detail . ur butter chicken looks very authentic.

Ruth said...

Shaheen, I give all the credit for authenticity to Madhur Jaffrey.

Shaun, Breadchick, Meeta and of course Rosa, thanks for the kind words. I'll be checking on your sites often.

Cyndi said...

Gosh - I missed that one! Fun stuff - looks so good. I would have done some German food.