Sunday, September 3, 2006

Garlic Shrimp from Andalucia, Southern Spain & More

This recipe for garlic shrimp fell out of a pile of recipes I downloaded from Epicurious way back in March. I printed it because I love shrimp, I love garlic and I love simple recipes. Somehow though, it never got tested. The interesting thing about its falling out of the stack sitting on my dining room table now, is that in the intro blurb whoever submitted this recipe is from Jerez (famous for the sherry) de la Frontera, in Andalucia (Southern Spain).

So I was excited about doing one last "foreign dish" for the Weekend Cookbook Challenge, but the web is NOT a book - great resource, but not a book. Then, low and behold at the bottom of the recipe - It IS from a book - La Cocina de Mama by Penelope Casas. True, I don't own this book but it's now on my wish list.

Cooking up this shrimp dish made me think "tapas" in general and I decided to use up the last of the nan bread I bought for the Indian Feast we had last weekend and a jar of sweet red pepper spread from Turkey in my fridge as yet unopened! So I grilled the nan on the BBQ and topped it with the spread which actually had me moaning it was sooooo good. In addition, I grilled some tomatoes - since the nan left lots of room on the grill.

What can I say...only one recipe actually comes from a book, but the light meal was quite International, don't you think? Spanish Shrimps, Indian nan with Turkish spread, and local (Ontario, Canada) tomatoes from our friend's garden with a recipe from Food & Drink , Summer 2006 a magazine put out by our Ontario Liquor Board and one of my favorites.

Tapas Menu

Garlic Shrimp

Grilled Tomatoes

Grilled Nan bread with Sweet Red Pepper Spread

Whipping up this tapas, I realized just how much of what I consider "normal" dinners I make actually have their origins in many countries around the world. Which countries are your favorites to "borrow" from?

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