Thursday, September 7, 2006

Sweet Simplicity

I recently was asked to try an new all natural sweetener called Sweet Simplicity. Before I tell you what I think of it....yes you could just scroll down and see it, but why would you?

Before I started the South Beach Diet I never drank diet drinks or ate "diet" desserts made with artificial sweeteners because I hate the bitter aftertaste, so when I did start SBD, I was really sensitive to it. But because I wanted to be able to make some of my favorite desserts, I tried a bunch of different brands and even found one that was pretty good, but still NOT exactly like sugar. Naturally, I was excited to give this new product a try.

Of course, I drink my coffee and tea black, so I couldn't do the drink test, but we were invited to my Aunt's yesterday and I decided to make some biscotti and bring it for dessert. And so a perfect opportunity to give Simple Simplicity a try. What can I say...everyone loved the biscotti and were really shocked to learn that I hadn't used sugar.

Sweet Simplicity is made from erythritol (a sugar alcohol naturally found in grapes, melons and pears), fructose and natural flavors. It substitutes for sugar 1 to 1 and is 100% natural. You can read all about it at the Sweet Simplicity site. But the bottom line.... it was fabulous.
  • Zero calories
  • Perfect for dieters (to lose weight and health restrictions like Diabetes)
  • Contains no preservatives, artifical flavors or colors
Only one drawback at the moment - you can only buy it on-line for now. So here's the "diet" version of the recipe that's in my cookbook. I would only recommend this for SBD Phase 2 or 3 as the dried fruit has some natural sugar in it as well. Still, a little slice with a cup of your favorite brew is quite delightful.

Adapted from Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories

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Sara said...

Your biscotti are beautiful! It's nice to hear that there is an alternative to sugar that works well in baking. I've heard so many horror stories about Splenda...

NotSoFatGirl said...

Oh, yay! I've tried a lot of wacky sugar alternatives in the past... it's great to hear that this one actually worked out!

Kalyn said...

Well, actually I don't think Splenda is all that horrible, but it's nice to hear you liked this. They were a sponsor of the Blogher conference.

Ruth said...

Sara, I actually found Splenda to be the best alternative for a non-sugar sweetener - until I tried this one - it really has zero aftertaste.

Notsofatgirl - can't wait til I can buy it in a store. Apparently it will be sold at Whole Foods by the end of September. I hope that means Canadian stores too.

Kalyn, as I said, splenda is not bad, but this is better.

Thanks all for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

bjswdgirl-Portland, OR. This is made by the same people that created Equal: Merisant...I think it is great....... It is being sold in Wild Oats, Inc and Whole Foods market, Inc. I hope Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods Inc., Campbell Soup Co., Nestle SA, Ajinomoto Co., Cadbury Schweppes PLC and Solae LLC partnering with Senomyx Inc. finds one as good as this too--soon.