Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grilled Tomatoes with Garlic & Thyme

I've been jealous of Kalyn over at Kalyn's kitchen who've been talking about her wonderful tomatoes, and then posted this awesome looking marinara sauce . So when Laurie, in my Honey's office gave him a bag of the sweetest, reddest, most delicious tomatoes EVER, I decided I had to do something with them for Weekend Herb Blogging. This week's host is Genie at The Inadvertent Gardener .

I found this recipe in the copy of LCBO's Food & Drink, Summer 2006 issue that I was flipping through while getting my hair done and my hairdresser gave me the issue. These magazines go fast at our local liquor stores and I never got a chance to get one. So without further ado....

Grilled Tomatoes
Prep time: less than 5 minutes
Grill time: 6 minutes or so

Serves 2

2 ripe tomatoes
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1-2 large cloves garlic, minced
salt & pepper to taste
1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves (1 tsp dried)

1. Combine oil, garlic, thyme and salt & pepper in a large bowl.

2. Cut the tomatoes in half and toss in the oil mixture

3. Grill cut side down (you can use a grill pan if you don't have a BBQ) over medium heat for 3-4 minutes. Flip when the tomato is slightly singed. Continue to grill for another 3 minutes or until the tomato is almost "molten" (LCBO word)

These are awesome as a side with grilled meat, chicken or fish. The magazine also suggests chopping them and stirring them into steamed rice.

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Kalyn said...

This is a tomato idea I haven't tried and it sounds fantastic. Must try!!

garlic said...

so great !

gattina said...

now you also make me very jealous! The tomatoes you grilled just look divine!!! I don't grow any tomato in yard, and don't go to farmer marktet/veg stands often... but would pray for getting good and cheap tomatoes at store tomorrow!!! Lovely recipe Ruth, will try out once I get everything!

Genie said...


These sound and look delicious -- I thought about grilling green tomatoes at one point this summer, but not ripe ones. There's still time for me to try this...

The Inadvertent Gardener

funwithyourfood said...

i haven't grilled tomatoes yet. almost everything else tho. I suggest mangoes.. then put a little coconut milk on top.. YUM


sher said...

Oh, that picture is wonderful. The tomatoes look like heaven!

coffeepot said...

I am going to grill some tomato this weekend.

Thanks for the tip. I think even yellows would work well.

Ruth said...

So glad you all liked this one. It is amazing how such a simple idea could look and taste so good. I like to mix up green and red - and now will also try some yellow too. Can you picture the plate - all those colors!

Thanks all for dropping by and the kind words.