Friday, June 23, 2006

10 Things I Miss of Mom's Cooking - Meme

Although I wasn't actually tagged for this meme. I saw it at Gattinamia and knew I had to write about it. In fact, the reason I started to write my own cookbook was because my daughters were calling me from university and asking for recipes that have been family favorites for years.
Here are some of the wonderful things my mom used to make.

1. Chicken salad (from the soup - simple but wonderful)
2. Southern fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn niblets swimming in butter
3. Salmon patties - again with mashed potatoes and crispy fried onion slices
4. Creamed Salmon on Toast - we used to have a much more unpleasant name for it but we loved it just the same)
5. Shortbread pecan crescents - actually any and all of her amazing cookies
6. Apple crisp
7. Brisket with Lima Beans & Bowties & Kasha
8. BBQ Chicken
9. Hamentashen - special dried fruit filled cookies made at Purim
10. Mun (poppy seed) cookies so thin and delicious

And here are some dishes my daughters always ask for when they're visiting
1. Flank steak
2. Lasagna with pepperoni & cottage cheese
3. Veal Marsala
4. Osso bucco with Risotto Milanese
5. fried chicken
6. salmon patties
7. green chicken soup
8. french toast with thyme and maple syrup. (This really is my Honey's speciality)
9. egg in a hole (my younger daughter was telling someone in Chile about it and " almost drooled all over myself thinking about the middle peice of bread fried in butter".
10. Fried matzah.
11. Capon and stuffing for big family dinners.
12. chocolate almond crisp bars.
13. cheese blintzes
14. and again from Sharron "I don't even know what dish you made it in but I've been craving marrow bones with the marrow spread onto buttered challah. Butter AND marrow?"

My sister likes my bbq brisket, all the salads, Portuguese Steak, Rosemary Chicken (actually she'd like to just "forget the chicken and let me sop up the juice with some challah")

Gee - it's nice to hear everyone has so many favorites.

So even though this started as a meme - I challenge all of you to write about your favorites from your childhood.

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