Friday, June 23, 2006

"Confessions in a Group of Five" Meme

I love being tagged for memes - interesting since I also HATE receiving chain letters and (I admit it) I delete them breaking the good fortune promised to everyone before me. Mahek of Love4cooking, tagged me for this one. So without further ado....

Five Things in my Freezer
Pureed chipotle chilis in adobo sauce
Chunk of ginger (much easier to grate)
Chicken fingers (in case my niece drops by for a meal and wants a change from grilled cheese sandwiches)
Homemade Chicken broth
Lots of meat of all kinds

Five Things in my Closet (which closet shall I choose!?!)
Too many skirts & shirts - most of them black
Therapist Select Percussion Massager- for those days of too much time hunched over the computer.
Variety of weights - wrap around for ankles and wrists, 1-5 pound dumbbells (rarely used, unfortunately)
Overflow shoes and boots (these are the ones that don't fit on the rack behind the door)
Hats - loved but not often worn

Five Things in my Car
Roadmaps for Toronto & region
Change for parking meters
Parking receipts
Owner's manual
Blanket in the trunk

Five Things in my Purse (You've got to be kidding - ONLY 5!!!)
Sundry lipsticks
Business cards

Five People to Tag (after visiting some of my favorite sites, here are five that haven't been tagged yet - or at least not posted)
Joe of Culinary in the Desert
Gattina of Gattinamia
Ivonne of Creampuffs in Venice
J of Kuidaore
Open invitation to everyone else


Ivonne said...

Hey Ruth!

I'm with you ... I love MEMEs!

Thanks for tagging me ... and great answers!

Mahek said...

that was a prompt reply!!!
you are great!!!!

Ruth said...

Ivonne, glad you like getting tagged. I'm looking forward to your list.

Mahek - I love memes and I figured if I didn't do it right away, I'd never get to it.

Thanks for tagging me.

funwithyourfood said...

haah this is fun.
I think I'll do this today too!


gattina said...

oh sorry, am I too late? School holiday just starts so my routine is all messed up; not much time left for my own (e.g. blogging). Will put my list after this weekend :D