Friday, May 16, 2008

Presto Pasta Night #63

A key word for todays group of delectables...SPEED. It seems like most of these great dishes are ready in a snap of the fingers. Some wonderful ingredients...and just when I don't think I can be surprised any more by variations and creative combinations...well, take a look for yourself.

First up this week, is Erin, the Skinny Gourmet with Pasta Alioli with Lobster…so how does she stay skinny?

Another newcomer is Paula of Panzer Kitchen shares an interesting Lemon & Garlic dish...two of my fave ingredients. How CAN two or three ingredients make an awesome meal? I'm always amazed.

Nilmandra of Soy & Pepper showed up with a stunning dish of Cold Soba...blink and you're done! How easy is that!

Closet Cooking Kevin is back. I always love his dishes, but this time...well he brings my favorite dish EVER...Pasta with Shrimp Scampi. Truly there are no words, I'll be moaning all day just thinking about it.

Marye of Baking Delights serves up another unbelievably quick and slurpingly delicious dish of Pasta Salad. we come.

Elizabeth's Cooking Experiments...are wonderful. I especially love this Rigatoni with Italian Sausages.

Sometimes things don't quite turn out as planned, fortunately for us Sarah of What Smells So Good? turned her less than favorable gazpacho into a tasty Gazpacho Pasta that even SHE liked.

Inge of Vanielje Kitchen doesn't come by here often enough, but when she's worth the wait. This time she shares a lovely post and a fantastic dish of Farfalle with Parmesan and Wild Garlic Butter.

Ginny of Just Get Floury shares a fun post and a delightful dish of Pasta with Balsamic Asparagus & Red Onions...and she shares a secret guilty pleasure.

Ben of What's Cooking? shares his own creation - a blend 2 of his favorites...Spicy Tequila Alfredo...what a great idea.

Ferdzy of Seasonal Ontario Foods certainly says "Springtime" with her delightful looking Farfalle with Poached Chicken and Asparagus in Saffron Broth.

Ellen of Before It Was Poop - don't you love the name - is a first time PPNer and shares a lovely version of Pasta with Vodka Tomato Sauce.

Mike of Mel's Diner hasn't been around for a while but he's sharing a perfect dish for what's supposed to be a rainy weekend here in Nova Scotia....Goulash. This should stick to our ribs and keep us cosy.

Sher of What Did You Eat? has a perfect dish for me...easy, quick and tasty. What a great trio for pasta - Chicken, Scallions and Ginger

Avra of I've Got Food on My Brain is back with a very kid friendly and healthful Mexican Macaroni. I love it when Mr (or Miss) Fussy, says they like it.

Zlamushka of Burnt Mouth is another one who hasn't been around PPN in a while, but she shares a very versatile Roasted Red Pepper Salsa Pasta.

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything shares this stunning, droolingly good Mixed Mushroom Free-form Lasagna. I'm hearing Homer Simpson noises in my head.

Ulrike of Kuchenlatein and her boys love pasta, so we're lucky and get to share with them often. This time around they made Chicken & Broad Bean Tagliatelle.

Tarah at Genesis of a Cook also has a Mac 'n Cheese dish. This one with delicious looking ham.

And finally, it's my turn a seriously healthy, hearty and fantastic Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Walnuts & Parsley

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I'd love to have some guest hosts for Presto Pasta Nights, so if you're interested you can email me at . I'm still working on the logistics, but I'd love to start later this month.

And, of course, a very big thank you to all of you for playing along and visiting every week!!! I can always count on you to make it special.


A.C. said...

Mmm, some of these really caught my eye... can't wait to try them!

Anonymous said...

wow, what to choose? They all look awesome!

african vanielje said...

OMG! Where to start? The dishes and photos all seem to have taken a simple but sophisticated turn for summer. I was just thinking how much work the roundups are Ruth and how you do it every week. Phew! I'd love to volunteer for one week, and one week only. I'm not as much of a superwoman as you are. It is a fab event and a great weekly inspiration so I hope you get some other volunteers too, as I definitley think you've earned a break. Well done for another fab week!

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks ladies, and Inge, I'll add your name to the growing list of people who want to help me out. Now if only I could find some time to put that all together.

Thanks for dropping by, the kind words and best of all, the great dishes.

sher said...

Those are wonderful pictures. Can we have a huge buffet and sample each one?

Anonymous said...

What a fine selection of recipes in this edition, Ruth. I did not make any pasta, sadly, I had nothing to submit. I intend to work on that for next week's PPN.

Many thanks again for putting this together.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have not stopped by Pasta Nights in awhile, but I see that the quality has not changed! Dishes look fabulous as usual - especially that rigatoni sausage dish, and the shrimp scampi pasta!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice collection of recipes, as usual! Very appetizing!



tigerfish said...

I missed it this week and hope I'm not barred from eating all these anyhow :P

Anonymous said...

I'm totally drooling over my keyboard now :)~

Laura Paterson said...

Hi Ruth - and cheers for another fab round up! I've missed a couple of weeks now - but hopefully have one for this week :D

I'd be happy to host for a week too!

Also - I've passed on an award to you - check out my blog for details!

Ruth Daniels said...

Sher, wouldn't a buffet be grand!

Kitchenetta, we'll be waiting ;-)

Hillary..same goes for you and I couldn't agree more...some fantastic dishes this week.

Tigerfish, not barred at all and we're ready when ever you are to share more of your special dishes. for drooling, now you know why it takes me so long to laptop keeps shorting out ;-)

Kittie, I'm adding you to the list of host and thanks for the award...I blush

Ginny said...

Thank you for hosting! Glad I could participate again! :)

Argus Lou said...

Great collection! Sorry I've been too busy to take part these past couple of months. But I'm enjoying perusing other folk's creations. ^_^