Friday, April 11, 2008

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #58

I must admit, I really do love Presto Pasta Nights. It’s like having a birthday party every week, with lots of presents to open and “Ooooh” and “Aaaaah” over. And this week there are some very fine "gifts"....interestingly...several mac 'n cheese dishes - I guess it's still cold in most places and a couple of spaetzle dishes too.

I missed Gilli of SoSoSimple last apologies, I guess I was day dreaming that I was on board your lovely boat with you. Here's the fantastic Mac 'n Cheese with Scallops...better late than never.

Next up, another who brought her food a touch too late for last week's roundup, Psychgrad of Equal Opportunity Kitchen invited a crowd for dinner and served these very tasty Vermicelli Vegetable Rolls as an appetizer. I wonder what else was for dinner.

Robin of Made with Love also missed last week's deadline. Check out her terrific Steak & Pasta De-Lite.

Lisa at Unique Little Bits made a great dish of Leek, Mustard & White Wine Pasta. It's a good thing I wasn't invited to dinner...I probably would have pigged out on that gorgeous bread before the pasta was even served.

Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen shares a heavenly (sorry I can't resist the comparison) Devil's Nightmare Pasta that sounds perfectly dreamy to me.

Arundathi of My Food Blog shares a fantastic dish of Vermicelli Upma that reminds me of when my daughter Joanna was about one year old and was a very fussy eater. It was hard to feed her, until we were at my Indian neighbour's for lunch...she had a different version of upma - sweet cream of wheat version -and loved it. Too bad I didn't have this recipe to change things up a bit.

KC of Kits Chow is doing South Beach Diet but lucky for us her hubby isn't. Look at these awesome Dim Sum Fried Noodles.

Kaykat of Cooking from A to Z is back with a wonderful dish of Beet Stained Penne with Vegetables and Dried Curds. How can you not smile at the mere thought of all that glorious red!

Tigerfish at Teczcape always surprises me. Her photos are stunning and her dishes always tasty. This time she shares something very new to me...Soba Noodles in Tahina Sauce with...Pork Floss. Now where would I even begin to look for some?

Kittie of Kittens in the Kitchen made Ravioli this week. Hers ... Walnut, Spinach & Mushrooms Ravioli, look great.

Susan, the Well-Seasoned Cook (and she really is) is finally back with her second PPN dish. This one is really intriguing...Smoked Mushroom Spaetzle.

Deborah of What's In My Kitchen? is actually visiting her mom, so she had help with this quick and easy Mac 'n Cheese. There's nothing like a mother daughter combo in the kitchen, and I should know!

Katie of Thyme for Cooking shares a lovely spring Papillon de Printemps avec Poulet - it even sounds sunny!

Ginny of Just Get Floury shares a spectacular dish of Spicy Pasta and shows that pasta is the perfect base to make a cheap, quick and tasty meal.

Abby of Eat the Right Stuff is back with a Lentil, Mushroom, Spinach Ragu Lasagna that has me drooling.

Judith of Think On It actually made this recipe of Goat Cheese & Bacon Pasta simple enough for a child of 7 to make. I think it's great for the kid in all of us!

Anna of Morsels & Musings made the most mouth-watering Brodo Piccante Con Fregola - Spicy Broth with Fregola and Seafood as part of a glorious Italian Feast. Glorious!

Katie of Other People's Food shares this yummy looking Spaetzle with Baked Ham & Gruyere...sounds soooo good.

Gattina of Kitchen Unplugged is off to visit family for a few weeks, so I'm really glad she took the time to share this stunning Rice Fettuccine with Garlic, Green Onions, Chili & Anchovies.

Pam of Sidewalk Shoes is a first time PPNer with, not only a great looking dish of Pasta with Sausages, Artichokes and Sun-dried Tomatoes, but a good read too. Glad to see I'm not alone in being obsessed with a recipe and returning to buy a book.

Mike of Mel's Diner updated an already great dish of Mac 'n here's to perfection.

Rita of Mochachocolata-Rita is back with a great dish she calls Mess & Match: Stir Fried Black Pepper Beef Farfalle. Whatever she calls it, it certainly sounds tasty.

Sher of What Did You Eat? is off to do dishes, but not before she shared a fantastic dish of Stuffed Pasta Shells (one of my favorite ways to eat pasta)with Lamb, Feta and Spinach.

Gay, Scientist in the Kitchen has been awfully busy lately and so had little time to share any recipes with us. Fortunately for us...we get some of her Meaty Tomato Sauce.

Kitchenetta of Got No Milk made the perfect dish for me...after three warm days, it's cold again so what could be better than this Chinese Noodle Soup.

Happy Cook at My Kitchen Treasures shares a Pasta with Peas & Ham that her daughter loves...and no wonder, it sounds delicious.

And last, but not least...Joanna and I made this tasty dish of Wild Mushroom Ravioli in Sherry Cream Sauce...not for the faint of heart, but delicious none the less.

plus this Multigrain Fusilli with Garlicky Shrimp, Spinach & Mushrooms

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And, of course, a very big thank you to all of you for playing along and visiting every week!!! I can always count on you to make it special.


Anonymous said...

i've tagged quite a few of those for trying out - great round-up, as ever, ruth!

Finla said...

Wonderfull round up. I am glad i was just in time.
All those paste dishes looks so delicious.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, another perfectly enjoyable edition. I'm drooling!

Katie Zeller said...

WOW! Between this and the post with all your beautiful seder dishes...I can see why you were so busy so early!!!

tigerfish said...

I have the same thought! It's like parties every week since I'm a noodl-aholic!

Gattina Cheung said...

Ruth, our PPNers are getting more and more creative! Even the timeless mac-n-cheese are better than ever!
And thanks for telling me other names for scallions. Will "see" you again when I return.

LisaRene said...

Amazing as always Ruth! I'm looking forward to visiting each blog for a closer look at their pasta creations!

Sarah R said...

I love your roundups... I should make more pasta haha. I nominated you for an award at my site, though! The link is here: Congrats!

daphne said...

oo. I gained a few ideas as well. Thanks Ruth for gathering up posts..
ps-did u missed mine? =)

Ruth Daniels said...

Sarah, thanks for the award -that's so sweet of you.

Daphne, you were too late for this week, so check back for next week's'll be right up there.

Susan said...

Thanks, Ruth, for the great, great round-up. I'll try not to be such a stranger next time. ; }

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Great round up as always Ruth:D

So So Simple said...


How do you find the time. As usual you are an inspiration.
Have found some dishes that will be on our menu this week.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Great round up. I see some interesting ones. :)