Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obsessive Hunting Heaps Rewards - Lentils, Sausages & Pomodoro

A very long title for a post, I know. But obsessive hunting for the Stained Glass Pasta recipe I wanted last week took a long time too. I was so convinced that it came from Jamie's Italythat I went through the book! I eventually found it (in another awesome book - Cook with Jamie, AFTER Joanna and I actually made the pasta on our own).

The reward was, of course, many a new discovery for recipes I HAVE to make. And first up was this one...

It did take three pans but no more than 5 minutes to start each pan going and 25 minutes or so to let the heat do its magic while I did other things.

And the Pomodoro Sauce was so tasty - a little heat, a little richness from the cinnamon stick, that I was happy that there was some left over. It meant I could whip up this quick and easy dish of, what I called "Working on Fumes" Pasta after a long day of writing and little energy left for cooking, let alone hunting for a recipe. It was just one of those "stand in front of the fridge and pantry" dishes. You know the one...where something jumps out at you that you know will hit the spot and provide the comfort needed.

So this is my entry for Presto Pasta Night Roundup #48 this week. What will yours be?

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Laura Paterson said...

I think I'd make this with lentils for dinner, then cook up some pasta to have it for lunch the next day - 2 in 1 dinner!

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks, the 2 from 1 worked for me!

Katie Zeller said...

That is beautiful! I love lentils and sausage... and, of course, over pasta!