Monday, February 26, 2007

Presto Pasta Night - another invitation

Decisions, decisions, decisions....Last Friday, I mentioned that I'll be doing a Presto Pasta Night every week and I do hope you'll all join me. But now for the hard part - what kind of pasta will I do?

Will it be a tomato-based pasta like my Lazybones Marinara?

Or a very cheesey baked pasta like this version of Mac & Cheese?

How about something with seafood like this shrimp farfalle with breadcrumbs?

The only thing I know for certain is that it will be coming from The Donna Hay Magazine, Issue 22- Winter. It has a gazillion choices. I love Donna Hay recipes mostly for their simplicity, like the ricotta, basil & parmesan spaghetti or the sage butter and garlic breadcrumb spaghetti, that doesn't sound too South Beach Diet friendly but does sound awesome. Then again, every once in a while I like to stretch myself and crab ricotta & rocket (I'd use baby spinach) cannelloni or the ricotta & basil ravioli look gorgeous. So, it will all depend on what ingredients I find between now and Thursday.

Remember that I'll be posting a roundup on Friday so everyone can enjoy pasta for the weekend. Just follow the simple instructions here to join in the fun.
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