Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Trip to Montreal and Cilantro Lime Salmon

I'm sure you must be thinking "Don't they ever eat anything else?" but the truth is I love salmon and more to the point this time around and we need to regroup after our carb filled trip to Montreal, plus it's versatile (I know it looks exactly like the ones I posted about before - roasted on a bed of dill, served on spinach, maple glazed, BBQ'd on a cedar plank, and spiced up with chipotle chilis). So let me begin at the beginning....

This past weekend we drove from Toronto to Montreal, my home town to visit with family there. I knew this was going to be a challenge if I were to try to stick to the South Beach Diet Who am I kidding, I had no intention of sticking to the diet while we were there because the first foods I think of when thinking of Montreal are carbs - french breads, croissants, pain chocolat, bagels, fatty smoked meat sandwiches on rye bread so fresh it sticks to the roof of your mouth. I think I just gained weight by writing this! So rather than write about the trip (I've done it before - more than once), I thought I'd do it a little differently.

Things I'm proud to say I resisted(but only for a lack of time, I must admit):
Smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz's Deli
St Viateur Bagels
Party sandwiches from Snowdon Deli
Pain Chocolat & Croissants from La Patisserie Belge
Hot dogs, burgers and fries from the Orange Julep
Moules & Frites at any number of french restaurants in the Latin Quarter or along Laurier or "the Plateau"

What I didn't resist:
Yangtze Chinese Take out and the best egg rolls in the world! Chinese & a video with my cousins Sheldon & Donna is a tradition we wouldn't miss.

More take out so we could spend time with my uncle who's 93, and as he puts it "the mind is willing but the body weak" - spaghetti with meat sauce and pepperoni pizza from D'Angelo's.

A fabulous lunch at L'Express on St Denis with more cousins where I had the most delicious rognons de veau (veal kidneys and mushrooms swimming in a wonderful cognac cream sauce - if it wasn't so classy a bistro I would have licked the plate clean. As it was I just used tons of crusty baguettes to sop it up).

So, back to Toronto and obviously a couple of pounds to get rid of which is why the salmon. For the next week or so, we'll be having lots of salad and grilled lean meat, fish and chicken.

I did want to share this salmon recipe, even though it's similar to ones I've shared before, because I know there are those of you out there who need a recipe and find it hard to experiment. So this advice is especially for you so you can change things up easily.

Roasting the salmon fillets at 400 F/200 C is the simplest way of all and the most versatile. Just lay the salmon on a bed of your favorite herb - my choice is usually between dill & cilantro, but others work well too. I'd stay away from sage or rosemary as they are very potent and overwhelm the fish. Squirt some lime, lemon or orange juice (anything citrusy) and if you're adventurous and like to spice things up, sprinkle some chile powder, or smoked paprika on top and you're done.


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