Sunday, December 18, 2005

Quick Appetizers - Part 2

As promised, here are some more quick appetizers for this crazy, busy time of year. I really took the easy way out by linking to some of my earlier posts and just putting up some photos here for your reference.

I always have certain "staples" (at least to me) on hand to make it look like I've been expecting whoever that happens to drop by.

Cheese platter with assorted crackers & jellies
My favorites are Brie, goat cheese and Spanish Manchego

Humus & Pita Chips
It just takes a few minutes to whip up the humus and make a batch of pita crisps- you need pocket pitas. Just split the pita in half, separate the layers, cut in thin wedges, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with your favorite herbs - I love mixed Italian, garlic and either cayenne or paprika, put them under the broiler for a couple of minutes until they turn crisp but don't burn and voila!

Focaccia Toasts with Brie over Pesto
I always have some Rosemary Focaccia in the freezer and pesto in the fridge, so this one is a no brainer. Toast the bread, spread some pesto, (scroll for the recipe) top with a thin slice of brie and pop them under the broiler until the cheese melts. What could be easier?

Grilled Cheese
Another cheesy option would be mini grilled cheese sandwiches. I wrote about a number of options and you could come up with a million more, including some grilled sandwiches WITHOUT cheese - like Elvis's favorite fried peanut butter & banana. Just cut them into bite sized pieces and you have decadent party sandwiches, made to order.

Fritatta Wedges
There seems to be a theme here of everything to increase your cholesterol, but you don't have to serve all of them at the same time, you know. I've written about Grilled Vegetable fritattas, leftover surprises, and the mushroom spinach one pictured here. Bottom line - whatever veggies, or cooked meats you have in the fridge plus a few eggs (egg whites only for those more health conscious) make a wonderful treat. Just cut them into wedges or bite sized squares.

Sweet Potato Chips
Last but not least - and it did take longer to prepare than I anticipated - but healthy and everyone loved the taste. I wanted to have something on hand that was really healthier than regular potato chips. So I googled "sweet potato chips" and liked this recipe the best. That said, the search part took a second, but it took way more time, standing at the stove than I expected and when I loved the look of the chips, I found them too chewy. When I liked the texture, they were way too brown (those are the ones hidden underneath). So this is not as quick and easy as the rest of the recipes here, but if you're stranded in the kitchen cooking other things, this is a good one to do so you have them on hand for the next batch of guests.

Happy eating and make the best of the season.

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Mona said...

All those look delicious and right up my alley!! Hummus and pita chips and dips and fritattas-mmmmmmm! Thanks for the motivation to throw a little Xmas party :)

mae said...

Love all this great ideas Ruth. Thanks for sharing.

Ruth Daniels said...

Ladies, thanks for dropping by.

I'm glad you liked the recipes. They certainly make it easy to entertain.

Happy holidays!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

All that looks very interesting and yummy! I love toasted sandwiches and cheese...