Saturday, May 11, 2013

Springtime Farmers Markets are My Favorite

You're probably thinking ... "Haven't I read this already?"  True, most of my market score photos look similar, but trust me... this time of year has me smiling even more than usual.  Spring has finally hit the local farmers markets here in Halifax!  Two of my favorites Seaport Market and Historic Properties
Let me walk you through my score... at the top - two brioche loaves from Julien's and eggs from Noggins Corner for our Mothers Day breakfast tomorrow morning.  My Honey is chef and will be making his famous French Toast.  Even fussy little boys love it.  The pain chocolat was munched as soon as I took this photo.
Baby leeks, beet greens and shaved asparagus, and more eggs also from Noggins Corner along with Ran-Cher Acres herbed goat cheese, plus fresh dill and chives from River View Herbs made for this version of my
The radishes from Hutten Family Farm at the Historic Properties just because my son-in-law loves them and I thought to make some sort of salad that he'd appreciate.   And the Jerusalem artichokes because my daughter loves those.  I'll have to ask her what to do with them.... unless you have some ideas (leave them in the comments, please).

Tucked in near the meat - rack of lamb and ground lamb from Wood 'n Hart are for two awesome recipes from a new cookbook I plan on sharing with you soon.  Jerusalem, a Cookbook. ...the bottom line - stunning photos and droolingly delicious recipes, but I digress... more meat, from Getaway Farm Butchers - flank steak and ground beef - and by the way, my Honey did wonder why there was no grilled sausages from Getaway to either accompany or actually be the best ingredient for the frittata.  Oh well, next time.

Behind the bag of mushrooms are two totally "Spring is truly here" finds...
rhubarb (I plan on making a pie) and
fiddleheads - a perfect side for some grilled flank steak. The eggplants from Riverview and the Lakadong Turmeric from Epices de Cru were too awesome to pass up.  I'm sure I'll find something wonderful in Jerusalem a Cookbook for them both.

Now that I've totally made you crave some market fare... where are you heading and what will you be craving?

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