Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love My Market Breakfast for Dinner Omelet

Ever have one of those rushing around days when you've wolfed down a quick breakfast, run around town and missed lunch?  Of course you have.  Ever droolingly planned what you'd eat once you got home and then been too tired to make it?  Me too!
My intention was to make one of two very tasty looking dishes from my latest cookbook acquisitions Jerusalem the Cookbook - which is so spectacular - the photos, the stories, the recipes... but I digress, you'll just have to wait for my review.  I bought  a rack of lamb for a spiced lamb chop recipe from Curtis Stone's What's For Dinner? (my review) and ground lamb from Wood 'n Hart and ground beef from Getaway Farm Butchers to make Kofta b'siniyah ( elongated meatballs great in a pita) from the Jerusalem cookbook.  I also was drooling over an eggplant salad from A La Grecque: Our Greek table with the cutest eggplants and herbs from River View Herbs and feta cheese from Ran-Cher Acres.

But by the time I got back home I was too starving and too beat to actually prepare any of those. so I made an awesome Breakfast for Dinner Omelet with more tasty goodies from the market. Leeks, baby beet greens, mushrooms, eggs, from Noggins Corner Farm, smoked gouda from That Dutchman's Farm.

All of this to entice you to visit your farmers markets.  What would your breakfast for dinner be?

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A really good looking omelet and refined dish!