Friday, May 31, 2013

Daydreaming of Greece and Portugal

After a week of sneezing and coughing every five seconds, not to mention rarely leaving my cozy bed, I'm finally returning to the Land of the Living. Having a leisurely coffee, sitting on the balcony and enjoying the view of Bedford Basin and Halifax Harbour on a such a sunny morning, made me think Mediterranean ..... which naturally had me thinking of food.

I defrosted my last skirt steak from Getaway Farm, so hopefully I'll be up to visiting the market tomorrow.  Thinking Mediterranean, my natural instinct went to lemons, oregano, garlic and olive oil, but.... since my taste buds are still almost nonexistent - unless you count that crazy metallic taste from the puffers I need three times a day... I needed some kick and thoughts of Portugal and Piri-Piri spices came to mind.  Since it's been a  few weeks since my last market visit, so it's  good thing I have a window sill full of pots of fresh make a marinade. And dinner on the balcony, almost had me on some lovely Mediterranean island if it weren't for the beeping... and that's not a euphemism for the "F" word, but rather a small front end loader shoveling gravel from one end of a yard to the other, just across the street.   Oh well, dinner was delicious and would have been perfect with some red wine.  Have to wait for that until I'm done with antibiotics.

What does a sunny morning inspire for you?

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