Thursday, March 7, 2013

Savour Food & Wine Deliciousness

This isn't the first Savour Food & Wine Show showcasing Nova Scotia’s finest restaurants, wines and beverages. I've attended and I've shared highlights before.  2012  and 2011 and 2010  to be exact.  This was their tenth anniversary and it was, as expected, a feast...for the eyes and the tummy.  So naturally I thought I'd share some of the treats I enjoyed.  Don't you just love the little chef in a glass?  He appeared on every table and I couldn't resist taking a photo.

Before I share some highlights, I want to state clearly the reason for this post.  I love promoting local deliciousness and if this post encourages you to visit Nova Scotia, that's awesome!  If the trip isn't in the cards yet, I hope it all sticks in your mind until you can join us.  In the meantime, I encourage you to find similar events in your neck of the woods... wherever that is... and support your local chefs, artisan cheese, bread, preserve makers and more.  As for full disclosure, I was invited to attend the event, gratis, but I am not being paid to write about the event, the restaurants or beverage purveyors, nor from Tourism Nova Scotia, for that matter.  I just love to give credit where credit is due.
This year Savour Food & Wine was held in the Cunard Centre (where all the cruise ships land when heading into Halifax.)  It is a great venue for hosting events like this... more space for people to wander without being in a total crush.  Of course there are line ups for lots of exhibitors... but more about them in a moment.  The only downside to hosting it there is that the lighting is not very bright...lovely as a romantic setting, but hard for those of us with cameras trying to capture the artfully prepared dishes.   But enough whining... you obviously are still reading because you want to savour (pun intended) some of my favorite tidbits from the evening. I apologize for blurry or dark images... I was very busy eating, drinking and chatting with fellow food & wine aficionados!

There were more than 65 exhibitors - over 40 food and restaurants and 25 wine, spirit, beer and beverage purveyors who were showcasing the best of the best. Things did get a little overwhelming, so I apologize to those exhibitors if I got the names wrong.  Leave corrections in the comments, and I will edit.   And, while I do enjoy wine and spirits, I'm more into the food, (not to mention savory over sweet), so again, apologies to those I've left out.
For inventiveness, I could not resist this Pickled Baby Carrots and Quinoa Salad from Front & Central in Wolfville NS.
Naturally, being Nova Scotia, there were lots of dishes honoring the ocean.  Like these incredible oysters from The Press Gang, here in Halifax.
And this seafood chowder from Ela! Greek Taverna, also in Halifax,
Crazy good North River Striped Bass with Tartar Citrus Dressing in a Sesame Cone ( I did have to go back for seconds) from Harbour City Bar & Grill, Delta Hotel, Halifax
I believe this tasty canape was from White Point Beach Resort, located somewhere wonderful along the scenic route between Liverpool and Yarmouth.
There were more delicious treats from the ocean, but there were also lots of locally raised meat dishes as well, like these sliders from Le Caveau in the Annapolis Valley.
Of course there were also lots of sweets (even though I gorged myself on savory) like this insanely divine chocolate fantasy from Scanway Catering ( the fave spot in town for that wedding cake).
And this perfect frozen key lime pie...or at least that's what I remember even though I don't remember which awesome chef made it.
But the food is only half of the show.  That's Mike Mainguy, Executive Wine maker of Luckett Vineyards in the Annapolis Valley, standing with Pete Luckett's daughter.
I'm not sure which local distributor booth brought in this Meiomi Wine from California - it was stellar!
Local brewers like Garrison Brewery, at the Halifax Seaport facing the Farmers Market, shared some great beers.
Last but, definitely not least, you could try a fantastic Thai Coconut Punch made with Sailor Jerry Rum and shaken vigorously by Jeff.

Obviously I've left out more than I've included, but you get the drift... so when ARE you coming to Nova Scotia?  And I'd love to hear about similar events in your neck of the woods, so I can plan my next foodie trip.

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