Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another S Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition

Last year I was asked to talk about S Pellegrino's Almost Famous Chef Competition.  I even got to chat with Daniela Molettieri, from Quebec who was the Canadian Regional Winner.  Not to mention that I received  some delicious San Pellegrino drinks and the coolest apron that my grandsons still fight over when we cook together.  That's Boaz making pizza.   It's that time of year again.  Another competition and...

This year, I was lucky enough to get this awesome personalized chef's jacket (I've always wanted one) and more of my favorite San Pellegrino beverages.  You can follow the regional competitions on Facebook. and take some time to wander through their websites.  It's become a favorite "place" for me to travel when the weather outside my window is... well... less than spectacular!  But I digress.

If you look closely at the photo of me in my cool chef's jacket I'm holding up my mini iPad that is showing my copy of the S Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition Recipe Book.   In a word - it's a great opportunity to try some super incredible recipes, made by some truly incredible up and coming chefs, including this one for Filet of Veal Stuffed with Wild Mushrooms and served with Butternut Squash & Roasted Hazelnut Puree from Daniela that I shared last year. Just scroll down past the interview.  And even better -the eBook is yours for FREE! Just CLICK here.

First let me say I love all the cool cocktails like this one - just sharing the name and ingredients - Stubbed Toe made with lemon juice, simple syrup Grey Goose La Poire and Sanpellegrino Aranciata - just to tempt those taste buds of yours. As for main course dishes - which will I choose first? Here are some of my favorites. Maple Juniper Venison Loin with Chocolate Infused Red Wine Jus (I just have to buy some venison), or Lamb & Jumbo Shrimp - the sauces have me drooling over this keyboard!  Then there's Lobster Bisque Dressed Ravioli with Pancetta Sauce or Tea Smoked Scallops with Pickled Beets.

What are you waiting for - get the ebook, check out this year's competition, pick up a San Pellegrino and enjoy!

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