Friday, November 16, 2012

Pasta Side for a Heavenly Chicken

My last entry to Presto Pasta Night was supposed to be spectacular.  I was planning on spending the day making my own pasta and dreaming up a new sauce. Instead, life got in the way, as usual, and then I made this insanely delicious Lemon, Rosemary, Balsamic ... and More Roasted Chicken which normally I'd serve with a pot of mashed potatoes to sop up the unbelievably delicious gravy.  But I couldn't let the last week of Presto Pasta go without an entry, so....
Instead of potatoes, I made orzo and ... totally foreign idea to me... NO seasoning at all!   I just thinly sliced and sauteed a leek and some kale in a little olive oil... no garlic, no spices, no herbs...nothing to compete with the gravy.  It was perfect.

I do want to thank everyone who's played along with me over the last five plus years and I'm sure I'll visit  you all cooking up different delicious dishes.  I will, of course continue to share my pasta dishes, along with everything else and hope you  drop by.  If you're on Pinterest, you can join in my Pining for Pasta group where you can share your own, or your favorite by anyone and everyone else.  And if you're stuck for pasta inspirations, don't forget to head over to the complete index of every Presto Pasta Night.

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