Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cascade, Dawn & David Rocco's Made in Italy

I'm frequently asked to promote products, books and events, but the truth is, I rarely do... and only if I'm truly in love with or intrigued by them.   Not to mention the fact that I NEVER show off my dirty dishes!
This request was a no brainer for me.  Cascade and Dawn  have been my go to dish cleaning products forever.  And now they have a giveaway on Facebook and it could become your favorite dish cleaning product too.   They also have a Facebook page where you can share your recipes.  Check it out.
Furthermore I couldn't say "No" to David Rocco's latest book Made in Italy .  I wrote a quick blurb about it HERE, and
made a batch of David's favorite Meatballs, which are now my favorite too.  Stay tuned for more delicious dishes... but no more photos of the aftermath!

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