Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pinterest & iPad - Old Traditions & New Technologies

It's Passover, and like any traditional holiday, we feast on the same dishes and recipes (or variations) we ate as children and our parents ate as children...and before them, the first immigrants bringing the ones from "back home" when they were children to their new lands and new beginnings.

One tradition during Passover...for those of us who crave bread, but observe the ritual of no breads made with rising flour to remember the hurried departure from Egypt and the slavery of the Pharoah,... is the Passover Matzo Roll.  Delicious when fresh and hard as the proverbial cement used to make the pyramids within a day.
The recipe, in its variations seems to have been around forever.  My grandmother, (on the left - not sure what she and my aunt (baby of the family), and my mom are holding,) who emigrated from Russia during the time of the last Tsar at the tender age of 19 with her husband and one year old daughter somehow knew how to make them.  I certainly remember going to my grandparents' tiny one bedroom apartment with a kitchen the size of a small closet and enjoying them.... as did the other 18 grandchildren and their parents in the late '40s & early '50s.   Back in the "olden days", her kitchen tools consisted of bowls, pots, baking sheets, roasting pans with a grater, some spoons and knives for chopping.  No Cuisinart, no KitchenAid stand mixers... none of the things we take for granted... or at least that I take for granted... helped her make incredible dinners for her seven children, their husbands and children, not to mention cousins and friends.  The tables extended from the far wall in the living room through the apartment to the front door.

My mother, the "modern cook" of the "50s & '60s, had a much bigger kitchen and more tools - the Sunbeam Mix Master is the one that stands out for me.  But when she was diagnosed with MS in the early '70s, she handed over the Sunbeam and other utensils to me and I created the traditional feasts with some twists of my own.  And while preparing the four - five course meals for 24, I always thought of my grandmother and am still in awe of what she did with so little.
Today, I can't imagine life without my Cuisinart Food Processor, my gorgeous fire engine red KitchenAid Stand Mixer, not to mention microplanes, a Griddler, ... the list is endless.  I love each and every one of my kitchen toys... especially during holidays.  I couldn't imagine making a festive dinner without Potato Kugel, or latkes, but there's no way I would spend hours grating 10-20 pounds/ 5-10kg of potatoes by hand as my mother and grandmother did!

But I'm not done in my tale of traditions and technology...  I love my iPad and ... was there really life before Google and Google searches for great recipes?!  But that led to my most recent frustration... my bookmarking  techniques - bookmark on my NetBook, bookmark on my ipad, add to a recipe box on any number of great magazine sites, bookmark on Chrome, bookmark on IE.... ACKKKKKK!!!!   And my total inability to actually finding them again.
So welcome, Pinterest my latest and so far greatest tech toy... my Honey hates when I call technology toys, but I use the term lovingly.  I love being able to be in touch with whatever I want to be in touch with, wherever I am and whenever I want it.  See something you like - article, photo, recipe, whatever your passion and "pin" it for whenever you want it.  No brain wracking about where or when you saw it.
And, thanks to Marcy Goldman, one of my favorite bakers  and author of The New Best of BetterBaking.Com and A Passion for Baking are awesome.  Not to mention her blog or her participation on FaceBook's Jewish Cooking Group.   All this to say, not only could I "pin" the recipe... I could actually find it!   Incredible Passover Rolls as published in LA Weekly.  Not sure what the squid ink refers to, but has nothing to do with these mouth-watering rolls.

So... what's your favorite traditional dish and do you use old or new technology to prepare it?


So Simple said...

Hi Ruth what a great post. Like you I just adore new technology and so thrilled we haven't remained dinosaurs. I hope your Passover Feast was a wonderful occasion with lots of your traditional foods.

Patsyk said...

Happy Passover! We live for matzobrei! We always enjoy it a few times during Passover and I make sure to buy extra matzah so we can have it throughout the year as well.

Joanne said...

Pinterest is definitely a godsend and has revolutionized my bookmarking as well! Happy Passover love!

Simply Beach said...

I’m absolutely addicted to pinterest at the moment and it’s especially great to browse on an iPad.