Friday, December 23, 2011

Scramble Solution for those Scrambling-around Days before the Holidays

It is the final countdown for Christmas and Hanukkah and still in the middle of, what is officially known as the Holiday Season.   And that means lots of scrambling around.... scrambling for last minute gifts,  scrambling to whip up those holiday dishes, scrambling to get the house in holiday order... in general... scramble is the best way to describe our rushing about.

And since my day is looking pretty harried, I made the perfect breakfast,  AFTER the trip to physiotherapy, AFTER shopping for groceries, AFTER putting everything away, BEFORE heading out to the stores, BEFORE... well, everything else.

My perfect late breakfast/early lunch - a giant scramble.  You'll find a few variations HERE, but this one really looked like the holidays... a handful of fresh parsley, and some roasted red peppers rounded out the usual... chopped onion, mushroom and chorizo sausage with some fresh thyme.  

No time to chat, but I do want to wish everyone a joyous Holiday Season!   Now.... take a deep breath, exhale slowly and ....  enjoy the days ahead.


Joanne said...

I've been eating a lot of eggs also to get me through these busy times. :)

Happy holidays to you too, Ruth!

giz said...

Happy New Year - all the best to all of you for a healthy and prosperous year.