Friday, September 16, 2011

Loving the Fall - Autumn at its Best

I have two favorite seasons...

Spring... for obvious reasons. Long, dreary, cold Winter is over!  Lilac & apple blossoms,

fiddle heads, just to name a few

And then there's Autumn - wait do you think I've forgotten Summer... not really.  Although I love the harvest and travelling through this lovely province that is Nova Scotia, I don't relish heat.  So Summer for me, is just a stopping point between my favorite seasons.

Fall, on the other hand, with its special bounty including a bazillion tomatoes, squashes and, most definitely apples.  I've been going apple picking with my daughter and her (now) husband for many years... even before we moved here.  That's Joanna in an apple tree a number of years ago.
It's always been fun, especially once little ones arrived.  I love the "testing" part to make sure we picked the juiciest, crunchiest apples in the orchard.

So yesterday was no exception.  We headed out to Elderkin's Farm Market & uPik in the Annapolis Valley.    Truthfully, the boys and I pooped out within 15 minutes.  It was incredibly hot out ... think mid-Summer...

 but that didn't stop my Princess from collecting 40  pound - you heard correctly!  The photo only shows 20 pounds and then she just bought 10 pounds of pears for us to do some chutney making.

The boys and I had a different favorite moment - eating ice cream after all the work was done!

Since we're on the subject of apples, I thought I'd share some of my favorite apple recipes
the Apple Crisp that's been in my family for at least three generations
Apple Cake, moist and delicious especially for a mid-morning snack
and my very favorite of all.... Normandy Apple Tart.
Since we'll be making some Pear Chutney this afternoon...I thought I'd share that too.

What's your reason for loving Fall?


Jacqueline said...

Mmmmm, nice rundown. I am craving that apple cake.

Liliana said...

I love autumn! Weather is cooler, the leaves turn into beautiful colours, and it's apple baking time!

Love your recipes. Thanks for sharing.

Joanne said...

Mmm apples are high on my list of reasons why I love fall also...and pumpkin, of course!

bellini said...

Fall is definitely my favourite season Ruth with a nip in the air, warm sweaters and the harvest.

Goody said...

Fall means frost, and that means the sneezing stops-hooray!

I bought my first bag of apples last week-Jonathan's. I saved out a few for candied apples, but I should probably get more and make applesauce. I've been a bit slack in my preserving this year.