Saturday, July 30, 2011

Food Day Canada

Today... July 30th is officially Food Day Canada with lots of wonderful ways to celebrate. I'm not sure how it all happened, but I do know that Anita Stewart, who is an awesome lady and wrote one of my all time favorite books Anita Stewart's Canada, had a hand in it.

Here in Halifax Nova Scotia. I started the day at the Seaport Farmers Market buying locally grown, bred or baked delights. Frankly, I try to make everyday Food Canada Day.
I heard that my favorite butchers from Getaway Farms were going to roast a whole pig to star in a fantastic supper feast, celebrating their grand opening. They are also serving up their awesome burgers and the fun won't stop there. Free beer from local Garrison Brewery and an oyster bar (I believe provided by The Fish shop) not to mention a fantastic live band to round off the festivities.

Some of my favorite local restaurants were creating special menus to showcase local Canadian foods, but the pouring rain kept the delicate flower (me!) indoors. No complaints though with all those goodies we bought this morning. A salad of baby romaine, young onions, boiled new potatoes, and some Dragon's Breath Cheese from That Dutchman's Farm, served with crusty Good Hearth Bread from Julien's The most gorgeous garlic ever will make any vinaigrette even more spectacular and the first corn of the season would be amazing rubbed with some olive oil and one of my spice blends from Epices de Cru.

Tomorrow morning will continue our Sunday ritual with my Honey serving up his delicious French Toast made with Julien's Brioche. I'm only regretting that I didn't buy some of the strawberries & blueberries.

Even if you don't live in Canada... make it a Local Food Day Celebration. What will you be doing?


bellini said...

I remember when it used to be the Worlds Longest BBQ where we all barbecued from coast to coast. I did barbecue yesterday but missed posting about it. Nevertheless I hope all of our days were filled with delicious local foods.

Anonymous said...

even though I did not know it was food day, we went to a cheese festival! Have a great week Ruth :)