Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Treat to Me - Lunch at Janes on the Common

I can't remember the last time I pampered myself with a lovely, grownup lunch out. This trip started with a simple task...pick up my tickets for the Slow Food Spring Dinner before the tickets get gobbled up.

So dilemma number one... which of my favorite restaurants should I go to for the tickets.. and lunch. Brooklyn Warehouse had a brisket sandwich (brisket from Getaway Farm) that I've heard great things about. Chives, unfortunately is only open for dinner... so that was out. Fid had its always interesting menu of local fare. Hard to choose between the Warm smoked haddock with a potato/spinach mash and a poached egg, or Dennis' Pad Thai.

But then... well, let me back up a bit. When we first moved to Halifax, four years ago we went to this very cool place for a weekend brunch. It was called Janes on the Common. I fell in love with the decor and the shrimp cakes. No matter how often we went, no matter how wonderful everything else looked, I ordered the shrimp cakes. Fast forward to the last couple of years when Saturday brunches include two rambuncious little boys who are not quite ready for Jane's... or is it the other way around? Finally, my Honey and I made a trip because I got a craving for shrimp cakes.

To my heartfelt dismay... they are no longer on the menu. That's because there are no sustainable, healthy shrimp farms in Nova Scotia. Hurricane Juan saw to that. Good thing there are always other wonderful choices of delicious dishes made with local ingredients, because Jane and her chefs support local farmers and fishermen.

But let's get back to today, and my checking out all the menus to see where I would end up for lunch. Check it out! While shrimp are still off the menu, there are now scallop, lobster and haddock fish cakes with a side salad (I chose the arugula salad with toasted hazelnuts, julienned beets, feta with a roasted garlic mustard vinaigrette). What was a girl to do? I had to try them out. And I'm glad I did. They were awesome with a citrus caper aioli.

And in case you're not up for fish cakes, today's special was Cream of Mushroom Soup with a balsamic reduction $4.50 for a cup $5.50 for a bowl. And for the main course, a chef's salad with shaved vegetables, free range chicken salad with Dragon's Breath Blue Cheese, Pecans, Hard boiled eggs and bacon with a Ranch Dressing. It looked awesome and all that for $12! I almost stuck my fork into one lucky patron's plate. Have no fear, I did restrain myself...barely.


Helene said...

I miss a lot of Nova Scotia restaurants. This meal looks so yummy.

Debbie said...

Hi Ruth,
Mike and I go to Jane's a lot! One of our favourite restaurants!