Sunday, March 13, 2011

Early Bird Gets the Worm

I always thought my early trips to the Halifax Farmers Market on Saturday mornings was just because I don't really like crowds all that much. And at the market it's easy to feel like a salmon on its last trip upstream because it is a hugely popular meeting place. There's local musicians and lots of options for eating everything from omelets to freshly made Jamaican patties, Chinese egg rolls and many other ethnic delights.... not to mention seating areas scattered about to enjoy them all.

But I digress... I love wandering about, watching vendors setting up and not having to wait in lines for some of my favorite (and very regular) goodies. Jostling through the masses isn't really my idea of fun. I love chatting with the likes of Chris de Waal and family at Getaway Farms (best grass fed & grass finished beef - and my Honey's favorite); Randy Hiltz of Ran-Cher Acres who, with his wife Cheryl make the most awesome cheeses from their beautiful Saanen dairy goats; Peter Boudreau of The Fish Shop, who not only has the freshest fish & seafood, he's a wealth of knowledge. I could go on, but then I'd never get to the point of this post.... The early bird...

Feeling lazy and a little out of sorts, I missed my window yesterday and flip-flopped back and forth until my Honey couldn't take it any more and decided for me that we needed to go. Of course the mention of Getaway Farm Strip Loin Steak for dinner had a lot to do with it. We arrived at about 10:30 - prime time and packed as I expected. What I didn't expect though, was that some of my favorite vendors were sold out! Sold out of my favorite items, at least.... no smoked turkey from Sweet Williams Sausages, but I did score some smoked Andouille sausage (they call it Cajun).
And Julien's was out of crusty Good Hearth, but Nathan recommended... can't remember the name but it's a crusty blend of rye, wholewheat and ... I forget that too. They did have brioche that my Honey turned into French Toast this morning.
As for the strip loins... it's a good thing Chris happens to be back at the market today and is bringing some with our names on them... Hooray!


MM said...

Sounds like a wonderful farmer's market. I love the ones that have music and--like a small street fair. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Happened upon this by accident and was flooded with warm memories. I lived in Halifax for two years and going to the market was my favourite activity of the week. Thank you for an unexpected and warm reminder of my time on the east coast.