Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spices, Spices & More Lovely Spices

It's true that I hadn't finished off my stash of Epices de Cru Curries & Masalas that I wrote about here, before I started craving more spicy goodness from them... and I finally picked some up at the market last week...

My Aleppo Seven Spice Blend from Epices de Cru

I did use up the last of the Sri Lankan Black Curry & the Singapore Curry blends to make my own curry blend and a variation of a Mark Bittman recipe from my brand new app for my brand new iPad.

As for the Aleppo Spices... we all know that spice blends are great to flavor soups and stews, but I ground them up and dusted two excellent strip loin steaks from Getaway Farm and grilled them ... indoors on a grill pan rather than brave the snow to do it outside. Served with a tasty Caesar Salad - a perfect dinner.

And now I'm off to the market again to see what else I can find...

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