Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Decadence Your Name is Chocolate

There are a few good things about February...

1. January is over and that means only two more months of winter;

2. February has only 28 days;

3. Some of you will favor Valentine's Day... nothing special around here since my Honey treats most days as VDay;

4. And best of all in my humble opinion... it's Savour Food & Wine time in Nova Scotia. The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia does a brilliant job of promoting Nova Scotian restaurants and suppliers and this year's February roundup of events will be as awesome as the last. ( I wrote about last year's stellar Food & Wine Show and am eagerly anticipating this year's festival of events.)

This Thursday I'm going to Decadence: Chocolate,Wine, Cheese. Sorry to disappoint you, but the event is already sold out. You'll have to live vicariously through my writings. I promise to share photos and stories .

But the grand finale of all grand finales... the Savour Food & Wine Show, March 2nd, still has tickets available and lots of my old favorites as well as some new ones will be there. Check here for the line up.

Watch the video coverage of last year's event. If it doesn't have you drooling and heading for Halifax, I don't know what will. You even get to see me as a talking head!

For the full month of February, Dine Out showcases wonderful menus at lots of restaurants around the province. I wonder how many I can try out.

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