Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Great Market Score

Remember elementary school after the summer break - when the teacher made you write an essay on "What Did You Do This Summer?". After almost a month of Saturdays, I finally made it to both the Brewery Farmers Market and the Seaport Farmers Market today. I was going to write a lovely story about it... but frankly after shmoozing with some of my favorite people, buying up a storm, putting everything away and breading some gorgeous Off the Hook, line caught haddock... I'm too pooped to write much. Since a picture is worth a thousand words anyway...
Aleppo Seven Spice Blend from Epices de Cru distributed by Costas Halavrezos at the Brewery Market.
Stunning purple kale and pale orange yams or sweet potatoes from Ted Hutten & Family Farms
Farm fresh eggs and lots of lamb from Wood 'n Hart.
The lamb stewing meat to replace the one I just used to make a fantastic curry with my own blend of Epices de Cru spices - Sri Lankan Black Curry & Singapore Curry (recipe from my iPad App - How to Cook Everything ... Recipe & story to follow soon.

Bumped into one of my very favorite Halifax chefs - Dennis Johnston of fid Resto - we're still talking about doing another cooking lesson (last was how to butcher & cook a hanger steak)- perhaps how to roast a chicken and perhaps even do a video... great segue to the one on his site with Dennis making his grandmother's strawberry shortcakes... not in season now, but the segment was filmed last summer (he's actually buying the strawberries from Ted Hutten. It's a small but wonderful world at the market. You should watch it. It will definitely take your mind off freezing winter weather. But I digress...

Over to the Seaport Farmers Market and first stop...

Chris at Getaway Farm. He's such a sweetie that he'll even take your order on line and have it ready when you get there. Who could resist these gorgeous beef shanks. I used up the last in my Mushroom,Beef, Barley & Lentil Soup and there's none left in the freezer. Of course I had to add two thick strip loins and a flank steak - both my Honey's favorites.

On to The Fish Shop and some fresh line caught haddock
It's already breaded and ready for a quick pan fry (this time done with Panko crumbs. My friend Peter Boudreau told me about Emma of Spice of Life Artisan Foods having sweet potato panko style crumbs from her awesome sweet potato bread, so naturally I went hunting for her. Unfortunately she was out of them, but told me to go to Rock Island Bistro for a great meal and ... you guessed it... her sweet potato panko crumbs. But I digress again...
Before heading home I had to stop at Julien's for Artisan breads and pain chocolat (another treat for my Honey). Actually, Julien's is now represented at both markets, so you have choices to make.
And Sweet Williams Country Sausages for their awesome smoked turkey (plus some sausages for the freezer)

Herb Gouda from That Dutchman's Cheese, since I already knew what I'd make for lunch.
Grilled cheese & turkey sandwiches slathered with pesto & Kozlik's lime & honey mustard (from my trip to Toronto).
Who could blame me for picking up some of this most excellent (I'm drooling as I write) honey comb from Cosman & Whidden Honey to spread on some toasted Julien's bread?
Or for picking up some fresh mint from Riverview Herbs... one can never have too much mint on hand.
Noggins Corner Farm mushrooms (and a Brussels sprout muscling its way in - I couldn't resist those either).

Or these gorgeous beets from Elmridge Farm, for that matter. We are going to have some wonderful eats this week!

Now it's off to chill before making supper.


Anonymous said...

Ruth....the haddock I sell has nothing to do with the company "Off The Hook".. It is, however, still bottom hook & line caught haddock.
An excellent, fairly sustainable selection, from you friendly neighbourhood fishmonger.:)


Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks for the clarification Peter. I've corrected the post and the fish is sizzling in the pan as I write.

katiez said...

What a haul! I want to go shopping with you. I haven't had fresh honeycomb in ages....

Anonymous said...

Great pics and nice story of the market. I’ve got an amazing carrot cake recipe from a dear departed friend, and it took literally years to convince my partner that we should share the recipe and the story. Finally the ‘gag rule’ is off and I’m sharing the recipe & story with everyone — giving copies to my neighbors, posting it on my blog, you name it!