Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Summer in January

Most of the time, I need hearty comfort food in the dead of winter to combat the cold, like yesterday's dinner of Mushroom, Beef & Barley Soup served with my favorite Frozen Butter Biscuits and a simple chunky salad.

But sometimes I need to take a mental vacation to sunny, hot climates... like Mexico or Spain... or even Florida (less exotic, but equally delicious and warm this time of year).
I made this Fennel Citrus Salad for a pot luck New Year's Eve Party we went to and it was delicious. In fact, I almost felt like I needed sun glasses and sunscreen just looking at it.

This morning we went further south and had a tortilla wrap filled with a scramble of chopped chorizo, red peppers, fresh cilantro and Dragon's Breath Cheese with a sprinkling of smoked paprika. And the sun came out!
What's your favorite Winter Escape dish?


bellini valli said...

I make tabboulleh, throw in some koftas on the indoor gril and I am in Lebanon or at the very least Turkey or Greece:D

Ruth Daniels said...

thanks for sharing your "trip". I might just head that way too. I do have some preserved lemons in my fridge ;-)