Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Steps

Baby Steps to A Rockin' Life!
A long time ago I made one New Year's Resolution that stuck... make no New Year's Resolutions. It's worked for me. I no longer get annoyed with myself for "failing" when I let one resolution drop... notice I didn't say "if I let one drop". It's bound to happen.

But I do have one resolution this year and it comes from the latest blog hop I'll be following and adding to. Alex at A Moderate Life came up with the notion of slowing down and taking time to breathe and time to take "Baby Steps". What that means to me, is forget about jumping into a serious exercise regimen or very strict diet, etc., but rather take baby steps.

For me, a former South Beach Dieter (and successfully kept off 20 lbs for 2 years)... the weight has crept back up and more since moving to Halifax. I do less walking - my excuse... it's too hilly here or too bitter cold or... you get the picture. And while we used to BBQ most of our meat, fish & poultry - meaning less fat, less frying - we spent three years here with no balcony or deck. Grilling became a challenge.
Now we have a wonderful balcony, with a view of Bedford Basin (the inner part of Halifax Harbour) and stunning sunsets
and a Weber BBQ just like we had in Toronto! Those are turkey fennel sausages from Sweet Williams Country Sausage from the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market. See... already a baby step - turkey is leaner than ground beef and I served them on whole grain buns.

The first baby step of all... is to take stock of what that means to you. Check out Baby Steps to a Rockin' Life, get some ideas and join in the fun.


bellini valli said...

Very well said Ruth!!!

a moderate life said...

Hi Ruthie! What a wonderful article and I am so glad you have joined hands with me to take baby steps in the slow lane! The slow lane will get you there for certain, but you can enjoy the scenery a whole lot more along the way! Will be tweeting this and thanks so much for the mention! I do hope a lot more people will join us in the baby steps Slowvolution! :) hugs! alex