Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tim Hortons - A Canadian Tradition

When I was approached by the PR firm handling the latest Tim Hortons breakfast campaign, admittedly I thought twice before agreeing to write about it... even more, actually. But then I thought of my Honey's morning ritual, along with a great many other Canadians - even those serving with our Military overseas, the Tim's run. For him, it's a breakfast sandwich with bacon on a biscuit and a large black coffee. It really does start his day off in the right direction. Miss a Tim's run, and ... well, who knows what might happen.

You can check out what other people's best Tim moments are. Mine... - a box of Timbits to munch on during a long road trip. It definitely was the norm for drives between Montreal and Toronto to help pass the time.

Now they have a new - and healthier way to start the day... hot oatmeal breakfast bowls. Truthfully, I only like my oatmeal when it's baked in cookies, breads or muffins. In fact, when my girls were babies, I'd make them porridge and then test it for temperature on my arm rather than have to have it touch my lips - Heaven forbid any actually made it into my mouth. But for the rest of the world, it sounds like a lovely way to put a smile on your face before the day gets going.

For me, the best part of Tim Hortons is what they give back to the community. The Children's Foundation set up camps across the country for kids who are not fortunate enough to usually be able to afford summer camp experiences. They support national and local community initiatives through fundraisers and more. And they help farmers in Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil by supporting them in the key areas of business, social and environmental management.

If you're lucky enough to have a Tim's near you, check it out - and do try a hearty breakfast.

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