Wednesday, November 3, 2010

After Time - There's My Top Gadgets List

Time has come up with their Top 100 Gadgets since 1923, and while I'm not disputing some of their choices. Certainly Apple should be there with ipods, ipads, iphones, ieverything else. And it's natural that technology ranks high, but nowhere on the list is a kitchen gadget. So I decided to come up with some of my own and I hope you add yours to the comments. Here in no particular order....

Electric Spice-and-Coffee Grinder
KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers
Microplane Grater & Zester
Crock-Pot Programmable Touch Screen Slow Cooker,
Mandoline Slicer
The Easy Chop Food Chopper
Nonstick Bakeware 9-Inch Springform Pan
Silicone tools
Mortar and Pestle
Pizza Stone
Immersion Blender
... non-stick pans, frost free fridges, microwave ovens... I could go on forever, but, more important... what is on your list of favorite kitchen toys?


Pam said...

I would have to add my rice cooker. Love it!

bellini valli said...

Tow of my "I can't live without" are on your list Ruth. We have the immersion blender which I cannmot be without and my microplane.Add a cast iron frying pan to my list.

KC said...

Hi Ruth:

I have 8 out of 10 of your list. Love your fire-engine red kitchenaid mixer. Mine is matte charcoal grey. Your crock pot is much fancier than mine. I have my late MIL's 30 yr old one.

An electric steamer is really useful. I use it every day.