Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Farmers Market - Halifax Style

This post is long overdue. Blame it on the move, blame it on spending time with family going to U-Piks, or just blame it on being overwhelmed and awed by all that is glorious at a farmers market and time spent on putting up jams.

View from the upper gallery

Here, finally is my pictorial journey of the brand new Seaport Halifax Farmers Market (new website is not ready yet, so I can't tell you all about the state -of the- art eco-friendly features in detail, but here are a few stats...4000 square metres (that's more than 13,000 sq feet) of vendor space which doubles the size of the old market, four large wind turbines on the roof, which will also features solar panels, geothermal heating, a second storey gallery for vendors as well, and a rooftop garden (the railings still aren't in place so we can't go up there yet).
That's the mouth of the Halifax Harbour heading out to the Atlantic Ocean. How many markets do you know with such a spectacular view? The market opened its doors for the first time August 7th and was crazy busy from the second the doors opened at 7AM. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite places to stop and shop.
Waldegrave Organic Farm has a stand outside the front doors. Among other things, I love their spicy mixed salad green mix. Getaway Farm Beef - with a lineup from the second it opened and still holds true four weeks later. Worth the wait for the most delicious beef anything...strip loin, skirt, flank and brisket are my usual staples.
Sweet Williams Country Sausages has one of the longest lines, so I try to hit it early. Whenever you go...I suggest the turkey fennel and garlicky lamb...or maybe I shouldn't tell you that so there's more for me. It's often our Saturday or Sunday lunch treat.
Mike's Fish Shop is in temporary quarters- and tiny spot for now. Peter and the gang will be moving into spectacular digs at one end of the market in October and will have, not only the best fresh fish & seafood for you to cook up, but a place to munch on fish & chips, lobster rolls and chowder (Peter used to be a chef before taking over Mike's years ago)...more about that when it opens.
That's Beverley at the Tangled Garden booth. I've written about it often. The best fruit & herb jellies, vinegars & flavored olive oil anywhere.
Ran-Cher Acres has the best goat cheeses ever and always a must have in my fridge - cayenne & garlic are our absolute some goat Gouda, feta & curds along with eggs from free range chickens.
And of course you need some wonderful French breads to go with that...Julien's
or Boulangerie La Vendeenne (both delicious, truthfully, it just depends on which line is shorter)
Who in their right mind would go to a farmers market without some fresh produce?! My first stop is always Ted Hutten's Family Farm for really interesting Asian greens, the cutest baby eggplant, zucchinis...gorgeous chards and beets of every hue and variety.
Riverview Herbs has greenhouse tomatoes, cukes, and of course fresh herbs all year long. This time I actually bought some rosemary, oregano, thyme, mint & basil in pots for my windowsill.
That is just a small sample of food to take home and prepare yourself. What about food to munch on while you're at the market? Crepes? Omelets? Mexican? Asian? That's the folks at El Gallo serving up some delicious Mexican treats. Whatever you fancy, you'll find it. You can enjoy a munch on the upper gallery floor (there are benches for that much needed break) or outside on the terrace. I'm hoping that the roof garden will have some seating too.

And the new market is the perfect showcase for all the wonderful artists and artisans of Nova Scotia. I was so busy snapping photos that I didn't get their names...
Stunning photography
Paper & bound journals

one of a kind clothing ...not to mention jewelry, wood work, knitted & quilted items...the list goes on and on. And if none of these got you interested, there are another 100 plus vendors to check out.

See you at the market! No matter where you live, remember...local IS better.


giz said...

Oh what fun Ruth - you must be like a kid in a candy store

Ruth Daniels said...

I've got to admit, I leave with a smile every Saturday that lasts most of the week.

gaga said...

Wow, looks like a great farmer's market. I'm jealous!