Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hellmann's Real Food Grant Program

Who'd have thought I'd write a post about food and not have any photos, but this is worth it. I had to share a fantastic opportunity for Canadians from Hellmann's - the mayo people.

Last June I was invited by Hellmann's to join a panel of Canadian food bloggers in Toronto to increase awareness about eating locally produced food. It was an awesome and eye-opening experience. While true, that I have always enjoyed produce grown locally, and found in season at farmers markets, I never really paid attention to where produce came from at my local grocer. That's changed and I left with a sense of, not only how delicious local food is, but how important it is to support our local producers.

This year, the folks at Hellmann's have gone even further - It's their Real Food Grant Program . Hellmann’s is committed to making it easier for Canadians and their families to enjoy the pleasure of real food. As a result, Hellmann’s® is providing $100,000 in Real Food Grants to support initiatives that bring Canadian families and kids together with real food in their community. You don't have to think huge either - initiatives as small as organizing a real food lunch to something more elaborate like starting a community based garden or green house. So put on your thinking caps and if you have an idea for your family or your local community, check it out. Perhaps you'll be a winner. Just remember that entries must be in by June 30, 2010.

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