Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chef Dan Barber & Sustainable Fish

I saw this great video and had to share it with you. Take a break, put up your feet and listen to Chef Dan Barber talk about sustainable fish. He's funny and it's quite the eye-opener.

Just in case you can't open it from here, check out this link. Then leave your views in the comments.


ejm said...

Thank you for posting this talk, Ruth! Very good indeed and heartening.

I have pretty much stopped wanting to buy fish simply because I worry about the sustainability of the fish farms AND know that wild fish stocks are so grossly depleted that we might just manage to eradicate the fish entirely.


Ruth Daniels said...

I know what you mean. In addition to worrying about sustainablility, I also worry about what we are actually getting from our fish farms....some of the reports are quite revolting.

Every once in a while, between the like of the video and genetically altered produce, I keep thinking of the old movie Soylent Green http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_Green

ejm said...

Eeeeek!! I hadn't even thought of Soylent Green. (Never saw it, OR read the book "Make Room! Make Room!" - couldn't bring myself to do so.)