Friday, November 6, 2009

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #138

It is Friday and time for Presto Pasta Night Roundup #138. Although there aren't very many entries this week, each one is wonderful. So thanks all of you for sharing your pastas with the rest of us.
And since Winter has arrived early here in Halifax...this is our first snowstorm of the season at 6:45 A.M....check out how dark it is...SIGH.

Oh well, on to better our pastas for the week...

Abby of Eat The Right Stuff, sure knows the way to my heart. Her Spaghetti with Cavolo Nero & Pancetta have already graced my table (one great thing about hosting is that you get to try out the entries early!)and was delicious.
Christine, the Adventurous Picky Eater, and first time blogger sent in a wonderful Mac 'n Cheese that will be a perfect lunch today...Boaz is coming over and we'll be spending the morning out in the first snow of the year.
Tigerfish of Teczcape made this glorious looking Vegetarian Rice Vermicelli dish that will brighten up even the gloomiest day.
Sherra of Our Tasat of Life brings this economical and delightful Beef Linguine that is as quick to make as it will be for the family to gobble it all up.
Katie of Thyme For Cooking has another cool blog, Easy Gourmet Dinners, where she shares "Diabetic friendly" dishes for her husband and the rest of us. Check out this tasty Pork Lo Mein with Peanut Sauce. I'm drooling!
Deb of Kahakai Kitchen shares a Mark Bittman dish of Zucchini & Garlic Fusilli with Pistachios. I love everything he makes, so I know I'll going to enjoy this one. Just the thought of it brightens my mood.
Ching of Little Corner of Mine made another dish I "tested" earlier in the week...Penne Tuna Pasta. One of those satisfying dishes you whip up in a minute and enjoy for much longer.
And last, me...definitely not least for cold and dreary entry...Sicilian Pasta & Lentils. I even have some left overs in case I have no energy to whip up the mac 'n cheese after playing in the snow.
Thanks everyone, for perfect pastas! Next week, Chaya of Sweet & Savory Says It All will be hosting, lucky us! Email your entries to her - chayathecomfycook (at) yahoo (dot) com and cc to ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com

If you're interested in hosting Presto Pasta Nights yourself, please send me an email. I'm still looking for hosts in December and...dare I say year!


Sweet and Savory said...

Eek, I forgot to send mine in. That is a first. I had so many, this week too. Shame on me.

What is there, looks great, though.

Looking forward to next week.

Side note, I made your soup, salmon and now making a coffee cake from your cook book. Can't blog them until Sunday but I got the photos. Thanks.

tigerfish said...

It's snowing there already?! Time to get the stove wokking! ;p

Thanks for the round up , Ruth.

ejm said...

Snow??? Eeeeeek!!!

Thank goodness, no snow here yet - I'm not sure if we've even had a hard frost. It's pretty chilly though.

Many thanks for this round up of pasta dishes. I love the sound all of them, especially and Spaghetti with Cavolo Nero & Pancetta and the Sicilian Pasta & Lentils


Debinhawaii said...

Great round-up Ruth! Your Sicilian Pasta & Lentils looks especially good. I'm craving it right now.

Christine said...

It is so weird seeing your snow when it is still 85 degrees outside here. Thanks for letting me join the round-up.

Ruth Daniels said...

Sweet & are forgiven...especially since you're our wonderful host next week!

BTW, I loved your post about dinner from my cookbook. Glad you're enjoying it.

EJM, Deb & Christine...don't rub it in about the snow ;-( although it is gone for now and the sun is shining....close to freezing temperatures though.

And thanks all for the great pastas. Don't forget about next week!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wonderful round up Ruth. Love your pasta with lentils. I should eat more lentils.

katiez said...

It's that dark at our house at 7:45am.... Your snow is very pretty - you may keep it!
I'll still take that bowl of lentils, tho....

Ruth Daniels said...

Katie, you're welcome to share my lentils..are you sure you don't want the snow ;-)...actually it's gone for now. Just a warning, I guess.