Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Holiday Treat Any Time of Year

In my last post, someone asked for the BBQ Brisket recipe which was only available in my cookbook Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories - Recipes to Warm the Heart.

And being in the holiday spirit of giving, I thought I'd share it with all of you. This is my favorite dish for big buffet parties around Hanukkah or (everyone else's) New Year, but Joanna decided to go this route for her Rosh Hashanah dinner and I'm sure everyone will love it.
If you're interested in other great, easy to prepare family dishes - for holidays and every day meals with lots of step by step "how to's" in the Cooking Primer section, then just check it out right here. You could be in possession of the eBook ($8.00-limited time offer) in minutes, or own the CD-ROM version ($10.00-limited time offer) in less than a week.


Bellini Valli said...

Comfort foods are on our minds right now. There will still be plenty of summertime weather I am sure, but for now soup and briskey fit the bill.

Cyndi said...

I want to put in a plug for Ruth's CD/ebook. I have it - thanks Ruth! - and love all the recipes in it! Just the chili recipe alone is worth it - a family favorite of ours.

Ruth Daniels said...

comfort food it is! and the soup and brisket are ...like a hug from Mom!

Cyndi thanks for the endorsement and being such a great recipe tester for the book...way back when.