Thursday, August 13, 2009

Curried Spaghetti Sauce

When I think "East Indian" cooking...I usually think - hot, hotter, hottest. And I love it, but usually have to tone it down a notch. East Indian cooking is one of my favorite ethnic eating choices. Butter Chicken, Saag Paneer, Sookhi Gobi, curries of course, Biryani...the list is long.

That said, I've never seen Curried Spaghetti Sauce, so when I got my newest lovely cookbook Everyday Indianby Bal Arneson, I couldn't resist it. After all...tomorrow is Presto Pasta Night and this week, the lovely Psychgrad of Equal Opportunity Kitchen is hosting.

I was surprised at how mild, yet how flavorful the sauce was. I suppose you could always add more heat to it, but I loved it just the way it is. It's perfect for wimps and kids of all ages. My Honey just would have preferred it over penne or some other small tubular pasta....oh well, next time.

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Bellini Valli said...

Delicious Ruth. How perfect is that to find a recipe perfect for PPN in a book review:D

Kevin said...

I really like the sound of adding curry to a spaghetti sauce!