Friday, July 24, 2009

A Suitcase Full of PC Goodies

First let me start by saying that I get many offers of products and books to review here. And that's wonderful. Who doesn't love to try new things (or get samples your favorite things, for that matter). Sometimes, I accept, sometimes I don't. My own "rule": I'll only write about it if I love it.

Now, while it's true, I love to "start from scratch" most of the time, it's nice occasionally to have somethings on hand for those - last minute visitors...or days when I'm too frazzled/rushed/sickly/tired...well you get the picture. It's always nice to have something on hand to help out. And I do love to incorporate some "ready made" sauces into the mix.

There are lots of stores out there that now have their own brand and the one I like to turn to is President's Choice of Loblaws and Atlantic Superstores. This year PC is celebrating its 25th year -WOW!

In fact I've been a fan of theirs since they began creating taste sensations from around the world. I even have two of their cookbooks The President's Choice Barbecue Cookbook 150 Great Tastes of Summer and Dave Nichol Cookbook which I bought back in the early and mid '90s.

So you see, it was very easy for me to say "YES!" to the sample of President's Choice 1000 Tastes of Canada. The PC Memories of Szechwan Spicy Peanut Satay Sauce (they even have a light version now) and Hong Kong Spicy Black Bean & Garlic Sauce have been a staple for years, and their newest olive oils from Spain, Greece and Italy - each with their subtle but unique tastes, well - I love them all. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Now being on South Beach Diet, means I had to share my package with my kids...the Barbecue Baby Back Ribs chips and peanut butter cookies (both kosher) made their way to camp and Indian Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce will be saved until they get back to camp and I'll make us their favorite - Butter Chicken to be served with PC Indian Naan Flatbreads (I can even find whole grain!). That said, a little Tzatziki Yoghurt Dressing was a perfect accompaniment to my chunky salad.

Check out their site for all the fantastic recipes, like Butter Chicken or 10 Minute Ginger Scallops with Black Bean Sauce or Szechwan Grilled Salmon....the list is endless.

Obviously if you live in Canada you can find PC products across the country. But before the rest of you, hang your head and start to feel sorry for yourself...let me tell you a quick story. A number of years ago, Sharron, my younger daughter went to teach English in Chile. One of our first phone conversations after she settled in in Valpariso went something like this...

"Shar: You'll never guess what I just bought?
Me: Probably not, so just tell me.
Shar: lots of PC brand sauces!!! It's almost like being back home!"

True story, so hunt around and hopefully you can find some too.

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FoundProdigalDaughter said...

Eeeps! I love President's Choice products. And I'm totally freaking out because those cookies in your picture I've been trying to find again. I tried them when at my sister's camp and when I got home couldn't find them at the Superstore I went in. Your kids will most likely love them....and the chips are a hit too! Also tried those at my sister's camp.

I think you've inspired me though to try some of the sauces. Thanks :).